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Just a reminder that Raceceivers are Mandatory for all classes at Lee County Speedway. Each driver must have a Raceceiver to compete during regular racing events.
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Archive for December, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Rule clarifications for ‘Break Ice not Hearts 50’

DONNELLSON, Iowa – Questions have been raised about the rule package that has been adopted for the “Break Ice not Hearts 50,” hopefully this new release will clear up some of those questions.

IMCA rules will be used as a base set of rules. Car types that are legal in sport compact rules are legal. Other none performance based rules will not be enforced.

Focus points for the event will include tires no wider than 60 series (no other restrictions) and no variable valve timing. Otherwise if your car’s powerplant falls with the rules the car will be considered legal.

Questions have also been brought up about OEM bodies. Since these are not performance enhancing items the rules pertaining to them will not be enforced. Also, after market radiators will be allowed.

Some of our local cars ran a aftermarket header last year and may not have began work for the 2012 season. Therefore cars that qualified in that regard under the 2011 LCS rulebook will be considered legal for this event.

It is important also to point out that full saftey gear is required including a suitable rollcage as well as basic personal safety equipment. These items will be checked and cars not deemed safe by on site technical personnel will not be allowed to compete.

Again if there are any questions or if there are any doubts about your car being legal please contact Dewain at 309-331-3804 or by email at

PostHeaderIcon Register for ‘Break Ice not Hearts 50’

DONNELLSON, Iowa – Registration is open now for the “Break Ice not Hearts 50” at Lee County Speedway. The registration cost is $50 and does not include a driver pit pass, but remember pit passes will be only $10.

For any further information contact us at 309-331-3804 or e-mail

To get a printable registration form click the link below:
2012 Break Ice not Hearts Registration Form

PostHeaderIcon Rules set for 4-cylinder ‘Break Ice not Hearts 50’ at LCS

Hobby Stocks still in line to have their fun during first event also
DONNELLSON, Iowa (Dec. 23, 2011) – Preparations continue for the first “Break Ice not Hearts 50” at Lee County Speedway. The event is scheduled to hit the likely froze speedway, Saturday, Feb. 11, 2012.
Rules will be simple as IMCA Sport Compact rules will be followed from the aspect of car type and power plant type. This means no variable valve timing type power plants will be allowed. Tire rules will be open outside of no tire wider than a 60 series tire. Also, no studded tires will be allowed.
Besides those basic rules, safety rules will be strictly enforced. If any person who wants to participate in the event has a question about their car being legal, please feel free to contact promoter Dewain Hulett at 309-331-3804 or by e-mail at
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PostHeaderIcon Valentine’s fun at Lee County Speedway

First ‘Break Ice not Hearts 50’ to be held Feb. 11, 2012
By Dewain Hulett
DONNELLSON, Iowa (Dec. 19, 2011) – With new ownership comes new ideas and new events, and the first new event to be held at Lee County Speedway will come Feb. 11, 2012.
The “Break Ice not Hearts 50” for 4-Cylinders will be a $1,000 to win event  held as alternative to not only offseason racing blues, but also something for racing couples to do on a Saturday afternoon for an early Valentine’s Day outing.
There is also the possibility to have Hobby Stocks on tap if there is interest for the class to take part in the day’s racing fun.
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