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Just a reminder that Raceceivers are Mandatory for all classes at Lee County Speedway. Each driver must have a Raceceiver to compete during regular racing events.
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PostHeaderIcon Shiverfest


As the Fall Extravaganza is this weekend lets not forget about the last race in Iowa coming up at Lee County Speedway Saturday October 29th with a Practice and Special Races on Friday October 28th!



PostHeaderIcon Pit passes for kids 2 and under

For the next 3 weekends at Lee County and Memphis kids 2 and under will be charged $3 for a pit pass instead of $10. This is for insurance purposes only and need the waivers signed. Even if that child is staying in camper or toter 100% of the time that child needs a waiver signed. Anyone caught in the pits without a waiver signed whether they are 0 or 100 will have a permanent ban from the speedway. Parents are responsible for their kids and must sign the waiver. We spend $1000’s on insurance every year and this is their requirements to run races.

PostHeaderIcon Spoon River Late Models

Spoon river type late models can run these last 3 weekends  (Memphis included) but must weigh 2400 if they run their shocks.

PostHeaderIcon T-Shirts for sale at the track

Sizes that will be available: S,M,L,XL,XXL and XXXL