Rules set for 4-cylinder ‘Break Ice not Hearts 50’ at LCS

Hobby Stocks still in line to have their fun during first event also
DONNELLSON, Iowa (Dec. 23, 2011) – Preparations continue for the first “Break Ice not Hearts 50” at Lee County Speedway. The event is scheduled to hit the likely froze speedway, Saturday, Feb. 11, 2012.
Rules will be simple as IMCA Sport Compact rules will be followed from the aspect of car type and power plant type. This means no variable valve timing type power plants will be allowed. Tire rules will be open outside of no tire wider than a 60 series tire. Also, no studded tires will be allowed.
Besides those basic rules, safety rules will be strictly enforced. If any person who wants to participate in the event has a question about their car being legal, please feel free to contact promoter Dewain Hulett at 309-331-3804 or by e-mail at

There has been some interest in allowing Hobby Stocks to compete in their own event the same day. Car counts will determine if the Hobby Stock class will participate, if we can get more than 10 cars to register we will pay their total registration fee as the purse. For example, if there are 10 cars the total purse will be $500. If the number of cars grows to a large field a payout will be posted at that time. As publicized earlier, if there are more than 35 hobby stocks the purse will be $1,000 to win.

This avenue will be taken for this first attempt at the winter race for Hobby Stocks because track officials were unsure how many cars were actually together to race in February. If this event is something drivers would like to do, even if they are unable to do it this year, please let Hulett know for scheduling purposes next year.

Rules will be simple for the Hobby Stock class. No tires wider than a 70 series tire and no studded tires. Cars matching or legal under the 2011 Hobby Stock rules for Lee County Speedway will be allowed to run in this first edition of the race. Again, if any driver has a question about their car being legal please contact Hulett at one of the avenues listed above.

The entry fee is $50 if paid before Feb. 3, 2012, and does not include pit pass for driver. After Feb. 3 and on the day of the event the entry fee will $65. All pit passes will be $10, couples (not including driver) can get in for $15 for the pair in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Only the pit grandstands will be open for this event, as the main grandstands will not be used during the “Break Ice not Hearts 50.” All fans and crew will check in at the pit shack.

Registration forms will be available online shortly, with payout being posted soon as well. Again if you have any questions contact Dewain Hulett at 309-331-3804 or e-mail him at

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