Mother Nature thaws ‘Break Ice not Hearts 50’

Abnormally high temps force cancelation of Feb. 11 race at LCS
DONNELLSON, Iowa (Feb. 6, 2012) – There has been very little ice to break during this abnormally warm winter in the Midwest, as Mother Nature has kept the temperatures much above freezing most of this winter.

The warm temps, while enjoyable, have made it impossible to have a racetrack or facility ready to race on for the upcoming “Break Ice not Hearts 50” to be held Saturday, February, 11, at Lee County Speedway. Because of that, the event scheduled for this weekend has been cancelled.

“When we scheduled this race in mid-December I never dreamed the winter would remain this warm,” LCS promoter Dewain Hulett said, Monday. “For the last several weeks I kept waiting for the weather to turn and get cold enough to make a racetrack we expected to have for this event.

“Obviously that has not happened,” he added.

While the forecast for the coming weekend does call for colder weather, it will not be cold enough long enough to effectively freeze the racing surface enough to hold up to racing. Because the frost line would not be deep enough to keep from breaking apart the track would likely be far too treacherous to be conducive for safe or good racing.

“We totally expected the ground to be deeply frozen at this point in the year,” Hulett said. “And feel that in order for the event to be a success it would have to be that way.

“At this time of year the ground does not dry at a rate high enough to make the track race able, and when you add that to the fact that a thin frozen layer will likely chip away, the track would become very rough,” he added. “We just feel that the event would run the risk of tearing far too much equipment up.

“That includes not only the racetrack and facility, but also the cars that have been diligently worked on all winter.”

It was a tough decision for racetrack management, but they feel it is in the best interest of all those involved.

“The weather has been so nice, it is nearly unbelievable that we are cancelling the event because of wet conditions,” Hulett said. “We make this decision early in the week so the people who were going to be thrashing on their cars to get ready can now spend more time getting their racecars ready for the regular racing season.”

For the drivers who pre-registered for the event, your checks will be returned to you.

“We appreciate each and every car owner and driver for their interest in the event and hope that when we schedule this event for next year it draws the same interest,” Hulett said.

If you have any questions contact Hulett at 309-331-3804 or by e-mail at

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