Hobby Stocks get rule package change effective May 4

Hobbies no longer IMCA, Quincy, 34 Raceway combined rule package put in place
DONNELLSON, Iowa (May 3, 2012) – After much thought over the past week Lee County Speedway is announcing tonight that they will not be running IMCA sanctioned Hobby Stocks the rest of this season.

“We went into this season expecting the car counts to be pretty low for our first year of IMCA Hobby Stocks,” LCS promoter Dewain Hulett said, Thursday. “This change in direction is in no way a reflection on IMCA or our belief in the IMCA Hobby Stock division.
“Instead this is a business decision based on economics,” he added. “While we believe in the IMCA Hobby Stocks the rise in gas prices make it hard to travel regularly, and in turn high gas prices make it less likely for new cars to be built as money becomes tighter.”

With that in mind LCS has decided to open its Hobby Stock rules up and not run IMCA sanctioning weekly.

The new Hobby Stocks class will give every car in the area a Friday night track to race.

This rule change is effective immediately, and in effect for this Friday, May 4.

Quincy Raceways rules will be used for all 9:1 or crate motor cars, minus the weight rule. So there will be no weight rule for cars marked as 9:1 or crate.

The rules package from 34 Raceway will be used for the “Outlaw” Hobby Stocks, including the 3350 weight rule that is in place for that class at 34 Raceway.

Each car needs to label the A-post as 9:1, crate or outlaw, and will be teched accordingly.

“Honestly we feel our car count needs to be higher, and this is a way to open the class to several types of area Hobby Stock drivers without forcing them to spend a bunch, if any, money,” Hulett said. “There are 15-20 cars in each direction of Lee County Speedway that will now be able to race with us on a weekly basis.”
“Economically this is the best decision for both Lee County Speedway and many area Hobby Stock drivers,” he added. “We hope the drivers take advantage of the opportunity and that the fans are able to enjoy some great Hobby Stock racing.”

The weight rule will be used to equal the two classes. If adjustments need to be made to further equal the playing field, those adjustments will be made on an as needed basis with the racers best interest in mind.

Also, this week’s event will be a money race only, and Lee County Speedway will start Coors Light Hobby Stock Points on May 11. This will allow all drivers to take part in the point chase and have a chance at the 2012 championship.

For more information or any questions please call Dewain at 309-331-3804 or e-mail him at promoter@leecountyspeedway.com.

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