Donnellson, IA (Monday, March 11, 2013) – Lee County Speedway has stepped up to the plate in 2013.  The IMCA Modified purse has been increased from the 2012 weekly purse of $2830 to $3110 which is an increase of $280. IMCA Modifieds will be $400 to win and $100 to start thru May 31.

In 2013 IMCA Modifieds will be guaranteed $100 to start over the $60 to start in the 2012 season. That $40 extra guarantee will help get that driver back to the track the next week.  At the end of May we will evaluate this program and hopefully continue this purse for the rest of the year.  Although drivers with a perfect attendance will stay on this new purse structure for the whole 2013 regular point season.

IMCA Stock Cars will also see a weekly purse increase of $270 thru May 31.  In 2012 the weekly purse was $1945 and has been increased to $2215 thru May 31.  IMCA Stock Cars will still be $300 to win but instead of $50 to start in 2012 we have raised that to $70.  Once again we will evaluate this at the end of May, but drivers with a perfect attendance will be locked in to this purse for the remainder of the 2013 regular points season.

This year there are many changes in the works with the already announced “Free Pit Pass Program” and point system between the Lee County Speedway, Southern Iowa Speedway, and the Hamilton County Speedway.  If a driver qualifies for the free pit pass program at the Lee County Speedway that driver will have a minimum value of $125 in the Modifieds and $95 minimum value in the Stock Cars.  This value is by not paying the $25 pit pass and getting $100 and $70 respectively as a minimum for starting the feature.

We want drivers to be able to come to Lee County Speedway and go home with more in their pocket. With gas prices the extra dollars will help drivers make the trip back the next week.  Under this new purse structure cars must start the feature to be eligible.  Cars that don’t start feature will receive tow money.

Hope to see everyone on Friday, March 29 for the Mohrfeld Electric Spring Estravaganza,  All 5 classes will be racing.

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