Lee County Speedway’s Most Popular Driver Contest Information Revealed

Donnellson, IA (Sunday, May 19, 2013) – This coming Friday, May 24th on Hy-Vee Night the fans of the Lee County Speedway’s drivers will have there chance to determine the Most Popular Driver for 2013 at the track.

The contest program will benefit both the fans and the drivers of the Lee County Speedway, as the fans can get a $2 off coupon for the adult grandstand price from there favorite driver. In turn the driver who has the most fans take advantage of the coupons this Friday, May 24th will be honored as the 2013 Most Popular Driver of the Lee County Speedway.

How the contest program works is the driver can print out the form from one of the following ways, the photo or from the PDF file link post below. The driver then puts his car number on the line and circles his class. Then they can hand the coupons out to all of there fans prior to this Friday, May 24th events. We ask that you don’t hand them out in the parking lot the night of the event. Anybody getting caught will be disqualified from the contest. Then the drivers need to encourage there fans to take advantage of the $2 off coupon this Friday, May 24th.

The driver who has the most fans turn in those $2 off coupons this Friday, May 24th at the Lee County Speedway will earn a $100 cash prize, a beautiful trophy, and will be named the 2013 Most Popular Driver at the Lee County Speedway. So drivers and fans please do your best to support this great contest, as it benefits you the fan and your favorite Lee County Speedway driver.

For more information about this contest you can call Mike Van Genderen at 641-521-0330.

Lee County Speedway Most Popular Driver Form

Lee County Speedway Most Popular Driver Form

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