Stovall Wins Thriller

Donnellson, IA (June 12, 2015) – For the second time in as many visits, Lee County Speedway in Donnellson, Iowa, proved itself thrilling for the fans of the Lucas Oil MLRA. During the 40 lap main event Jesse Stovall, Jason Utter and Chad Simpson all took turns pacing the field. Stovall was strongest at the end pocketing the big check, his seventh overall with the series.

“It was a pretty wild race there,”commented Stovall in Andy’s Frozen Custard Victory Lane. “I just had to slow down and pace myself. I kind of found me a line there at the end where I could get around them guys. Tonight we really had to work for this one, so I’m pretty proud of it.”

For much of the early portion it appeared either Utter or Simpson were headed for victory. Stovall fell back to third while the other two sliced in and out of lapped traffic. Slowly, Stovall made strides back towards the front and completed the race winning pass on lap 35. Just one lap later Simpson slowed and pulled the infield with a broken ball joint. Stovall clicked off the final three laps uncontested and crossed the line with nearly an eight second cushion.

“I wanted one more,” said second place finisher Jason Utter. “We got into a lapped car about three quarters of the way through the race. I don’t know if it pulled a quarter panel out or what, but it just never felt the same. Obviously something was rubbing and it (tire) finally blew with a lap or two to go.”

Utter’s run is one more in a string of successes this season. The Lee County Speedway runner up is his best finish yet, and now gives him top five finishes in four of the last five events. California driver Jason Papich rounded out the top three in his second Lucas Oil MLRA appearance of the season.

Denny Eckrich and Ryan Gustin were fourth and fifth respectively. RC Whitwell was the Casey’s General Stores Hard Charger and Sunoco Rookie of the Race with a 15 spot improvement and 9th place finish.

Lee County Speedway Contingency Awards 6/12/15
Andy’s Frozen Custard Victory Lane – Jesse Stovall
AR Bodies – Vance Wilson
Casey’s General Stores Hard Charger – RC Whitwell Pole Winner – Jason Utter
Hooker Harness 11th Place – Jake O’Neil
KRC Hard Luck – Chad Simpson Hard Luck – Chad Simpson
Landrum Springs Race Winner – Jesse Stovall
Fast Track Photos – Jesse Stovall
Performance Bodies Performer of the Race – Jesse Stovall
RaceNote Crew Chief of the Race – Tony Rogers
Real Racing Wheels – Austin Siebert
Sunoco Rookie of the Race – RC Whitwell

Lucas Cattle Company A Main (40 Laps): 1. Jesse Stovall 2. Jason Utter 3. Jason Papich 4. Denny Eckrich 5. Ryan Gustin 6. Jeremy Payne 7. Mark Burgtorf 8. Scott Lewis 9. RC Whitwell 10. Terry Phillips 11. Jake O’Neil 12. Dustin Griffin 13. Jason O’Brien 14. Denny Woodworth 15. Jim Shereck 16. Jay Johnson 17. Jay Chenowith 18. Todd Frank 19. Jamie Wilson 20. Chad Simpson 21. Dave Eckrich 22. Spencer Diercks 23. Austin Siebert 24. JC Wyman B Main 1 (12 Laps): 1. Jamie Wilson 2. Dustin Griffin 3. Jay Chenowith 4. Todd Frank 5. Denny Woodworth 6. Jay Johnson 7. Vance Wilson 8. Dick Weber 9. JC Wyman

Hoosier Racing Tires Heat 1 (10 Laps): 1. Jason Papich 2. Chad Simpson 3. Spencer Diercks 4. Mark Burgtorf 5. Ryan Gustin 6. Jim Shereck 7. Dustin Griffin 8. Todd Frank 9. JC Wyman Heat 2 (10 Laps): 1. Jason Utter 2. Terry Phillips 3. Scott Lewis 4. Jake O’Neil 5. Jay Chenowith 6. Austin Siebert 7. Dick Weber 8. RC Whitwell 9. Clint Kirkham

G2 Gemini Custom Apparel Heat 3 (10 Laps): 1. Jesse Stovall 2. Denny Eckrich 3. Dave Eckrich 4. Jaosn O’Brien 5. Jeremy Payne 6. Jamie Wison 7. Denny Woodworth 8. Jay Johnson 9. Vance Wilson

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