The Spring Extravaganza is on for this weekend. We all have weather apps on our phones and we all know it’s going to rain around 3 PM on Friday. The amount of rain predicted on all TV stations and their predictors is very small compared to other parts of Iowa and Missouri. We are very very dry in Donnellson and rain is needed. We will prep the track tonight and let it sit until after the rain on Friday afternoon. We will then arrogate the track if needed and get it opened up. We usually put an inch of rain on the track weekly and under a half inch in the pits. We are predicted to get around .3 inches of rain which will help the pits and track. Temperatures are not a problem for Friday as it’s supposed to be in the 70’s. The other hit of rain comes later in the night on Friday and all rain is predicted to be gone by Saturday morning. We want to get day one in as much as the racer does so we can all go for extra pay on day 2.

So in a nutshell we are racing and going to make every effort to get both days in. If for some reason we don’t get the whole show completed on Friday we will start earlier on Saturday and finish Fridays show. We want everyone to know we might start around 5 on Saturday like Memphis did to get people home at good time and get ahead of the chilly nights at this time of the year. Friday pits will open at 5.

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