Duffy, Smith, Murty, Carter, and Benischek Score Harvest Hustle Night One Wins

by Brian Neal
Donnellson, IA (Friday, October 8, 2021) – After having close to four weeks off since their last race, the Lee County Speedway in Donnellson, Iowa roared back to action on Friday, October 8th. As Casey’s and Midwest Performance & Power presented night one of the 10th Annual Harvest Hustle, and what beautiful weather mother nature provided for being early October. One-hundred and thirty-three driver’s from six states signed in to do battle, with all five driver’s in their respective class claiming their first wins of the season at the track.

The 20 lap Donnellson Tire & Service Stock Car feature took to the track first, with Dallon Murty and Johnny Spaw drawing the front row. Murty took advantage of his draw to grab the lead on lap 1 over Spaw and Abe Huls. The action up front was slowed for the first time on lap 4, as Pete Stodgel spun in turn 2 to bring out the yellow. On the restart Murty jumped back out front, with Spaw and Huls close behind. While Murty worked to hold off Spaw, Jeff Mueller, who started 8th, was working his way towards the front. But disaster would strike Mueller on lap 11, as he slowed in turn 4 to bring out the yellow. Murty once again grabbed the lead on the restart, with Spaw and Huls still following. Spaw tried to look under Murty over the final laps. But Murty would hold on to score his first win of the season at the track, which was worth $1,000. Huls was 3rd, David Brandies was 4th, with Chris Wibbell coming from 10th to finish 5th.

Up next was the scheduled 15 lap AVIS Car Rental Sport Compact feature, with Nathan Chandler and Brandon Reu leading the field to the drop of the green flag. Reu would jump out into the lead on lap 1 over Chandler and Josh Barnes, and then held it until lap 7. When something went wrong and Reu slowed, handing the lead over to fifth place starter Jake Benischek. Barnes would challenge Benischek for the lead over the next 7 laps, when the final caution of the race appeared on lap 14. Barry Taft would spin in turn 4 to bring out the yellow, and set up a green-white-checkered overtime finish. Benischek jumped back out front on the restart and then held off Barnes to claim his first win of the season at the Lee County Speedway. Chandler was 3rd, Chuck Fullenkamp started 10th and finished 4th, with Jimmy Dutlinger coming home in 5th after starting in 12th.

Kirby Schultz and Darin Duffy made up the front row for the Iowa Corn Growers Association Late Model feature, with Duffy jumping out front on lap 1 over Schultz and Jeff Aikey. While Duffy set a fast pace out front, the rest of the field was battling for positions behind him. The only thing to slow Duffy down on this night, was the first and only caution of the race on lap 9. As Brandon Rothzen got into the guardrail in turn 3 to bring out the yellow. On the restart Duffy jumped back out front, with Aikey and Gary Webb close behind. Aikey would try to keep pace with Duffy, and even hoped lapped traffic on lap 16 would slow down Duffy. But Duffy was too strong on this night, as he claimed his first win of the season which was worth $1,000. Andy Nezworski came from 8th to finish 3rd, Jeff Larson was 4th, with Webb finishing 5th.

Up next was the 20 lap Roberts Tire Center SportMod feature, with Brayton Carter and Tanner Klingele drawing the front row. Just as the green flag was waved the yellow light would come on, as Reed Wolfmeyer, Tim Plummer, and Tyler Titus got together in turn 2 to bring out the caution. On the original restart Carter grabbed the lead on lap 1 over Klingele and Carter VanDenBerg, who was behind the wheel of Austen Becerra’s #22 machine. Just after lap 1 was scored complete the second caution appeared, as Joseph Luethje and Brandon Lambert got together in turn 2 to bring out the yellow. Carter once again grabbed the lead on the restart, with Klingele and VanDenBerg close behind. While Carter paced the field out front, driver’s raced two, three and even four wide for positions behind him. Then just when it looked like the remainder of the event would go caution free, Austin Poage would spin in turn 2 to bring out the yellow. Carter once again grabbed the lead on the restart, with Klingele, VanDenBerg, and Logan Anderson, who started 12th, trying to find a way around Carter. But Carter was able to hold off all challenges over the final 5 laps to score his first win of the season at the Lee County Speedway which was $1,000. VanDenBerg was 2nd, Anderson was 3rd, Klingele was 4th, with Sean Wyett coming home in 5th.

The final feature to take to the track was the 22 lap Sonny’s Super Market Modifieds, with Dustin Kroening and Jace Gay drawing the front row. Kroening took advantage of his draw to jump out into the lead on lap 1 over Gay and Dustin Smith, who started 6th. Just after the lap was scored complete the first and only caution of the race slowed the action. Matt Werner slowed in turn 4 to bring out the yellow. On the restart Smith used the top of the track to power past Kroening for the top spot. Kroening then followed in Smith’s tire tracks over the next 15 laps, waiting for him to make a mistake. The duo would enter lapped traffic on lap 17, which allowed fourteenth place starter Austen Becerra to close in on them for the top spot. Despite the lap traffic, Smith was able to hold on to claim the $1,000 top prize in his first career win at the Lee County Speedway. Becerra slid past Kroening on the final lap to claim 2nd, Dennis LaVeine was 4th, with Travis Denning coming from 8th to round out the top 5.

For more information about the Lee County Speedway you can visit their website at www.leecountyspeedway.com, like them on Facebook, or call Brian Gaylord at 319-371-6744.

Lee County Speedway, Donnellson, Iowa
Friday, October 8, 2021 – Casey’s / Midwest Performance & Power 10th Annual Harvest Hustle Night 1

Iowa Corn Growers Association Late Models

 1. 35-Darin Duffy, Urbana, IA; 2. 77-Jeff Aikey, Cedar Falls, IA; 3. 7-Andy Nezworski, Blue Grass, IA; 4. 99-Jeff Larson, Freeport, IL; 5. 56W-Gary Webb, Blue Grass, IA; 6. 56-Andy Eckrich, Oxford, IA; 7. 01-CJ Horn, Cedar Rapids, IA; 8. 15R-Mark Burgtorf, Quincy, IL; 9. 45-Tommy Elston, Keokuk, IA; 10. 17-Kirby Schultz, Albia, IA; 11. 32-Chuck Hanna, Port Byron, IL; 12. 11-Darin Weisinger Jr., Mendon, IL; 13. 93-Jay Johnson, West Burlington, IA; 14. 99D-Darrel DeFrance, Marshalltown, IA; 15. 45DW-Dennis Woodworth, Mendon, IL; 16. 105-Blake Woodruff, Knoxville, IL; 17. 7A-Jason Cook, Mt. Pleasant, IA; 18. 120-Kevin Miller, Freeport, IL; 19. 33X-Brandon Rothzen, Mediapolis, IA; 20. 6-Brian Webb, Davenport, IA (DNS)

Heat 1: 1. 32-Chuck Hanna; 2. 7-Andy Nezworski; 3. 77-Jeff Aikey; 4. 17-Kirby Schultz; 5. 11-Darin Weisinger Jr.; 6. 7A-Jason Cook

Heat 2: 1. 01-CJ Horn; 2. 93-Jay Johnson; 3. 99D-Darrel DeFrance; 4. 99-Jeff Larson; 5. 56-Andy Eckrich; 6. 105-Blake Woodruff; 7. 6-Brian Webb

Heat 3: 1. 45-Tommy Elston; 2. 15R-Mark Burgtorf; 3. 35-Darin Duffy; 4. 56W-Gary Webb; 5. 45DW-Dennis Woodworth; 6. 120-Kevin Miller

Sonny’s Super Market Modifieds

 1. 3-Dustin Smith, Eldridge, IA; 2. 22B-Austen Becerra, Carthage, IL; 3. 56-Dustin Kroening, Hebron, IL; 4. 71-Dennis LaVeine, West Burlington, IA; 5. 56D-Travis Denning, Sterling, IL; 6. 03B-Mark Burgtorf, Quincy, IL; 7. 29-Spencer Diercks, Davenport, IA; 8. 88-Jarrett Brown, Ainsworth, IA; 9. 5R-Bill Roberts Jr., Burlington, IA; 10. B1-Jeff Larson, Freeport, IL; 11. 43-Derrick Stewart, Ainsworth; 12. 71W-Jeff Waterman, Quincy, IL; 13. 12D-Brandon Dale, Arbela, MO; 14. 1-Eric Barnes, Colona, IL; 15. 43S-Scott Simatovich, State Center, IA; 16. 29X-Jace Gay, Farber, MO; 17. 5G-Gat Leytham, Toledo, IA; 18. 21K-Kyle Brown, Madrid, IA; 19. 22-Brandon Banks, Washington, IA; 20. 21M-Tyler Madigan, Dubuque, IA; 21. 40-Dakota Simmons, Douds, IA; 22. 25-Derek Walker, Riverside, IA; 23. 05-Dave Wietholder, Liberty, IL; 24. 93-Matt Werner, Geneseo, IL

B-Feature 1: (Top 4 to A) 1. 1-Eric Barnes; 2. 71W-Jeff Waterman; 3. 5G-Gat Leytham; 4. 22-Brandon Banks; 5. 42-Johnathan Huston, Columbus Junction, IA; 6. 32-Chris Simpson, Oxford, IA; 7. 54X-Jordan Walker, Riverside, IA; 8. 54-Tyler Owens, Marion, IA; 9. 409-Chad Giberson, Richland, IA; 10. 2R-Fisher Reese, Memphis, MO

B Feature 2: 1. 21M-Tyler Madigan; 2. 29-Spencer Diercks; 3. 43S-Scott Simatovich; 4. 12D-Brandon Dale; 5. 37-Steve Gustaf, Silvis, IL; 6. 08-Michael Claeys, Knoxville, IL; 7. 60-Tyler Wirtjes, Mason City, IA; 8. 15RS-Joey Gower, Quincy, IL; 9. 7-Blaine Webster, Ottumwa, IA (DNS)

Heat 1: (Top 4 to A) 1. 56D-Travis Denning; 2. 71-Dennis LaVeine; 3. 5R-Bill Roberts Jr.; 4. B1-Jeff Larson; 5. 71W-Jeff Waterman; 6. 42-Johnathan Huston; 7. 22-Brandon Banks; 8. 54-Tyler Owens; 9. 08-Michael Claeys

Heat 2: 1. 05-Dave Wietholder; 2. 56-Dustin Kroening; 3. 03B-Mark Burgtorf; 4. 22B-Austen Becerra; 5. 43S-Scott Simatovich; 6. 29-Spencer Diercks; 7. 12D-Brandon Dale; 8. 15RS-Joey Gower

Heat 3: 1. 3-Dustin Smith; 2. 29X-Jace Gay; 3. 40-Dakota Simmons; 4. 21K-Kyle Brown; 5. 1-Eric Barnes; 6. 5G-Gat Leytham; 7. 32-Chris Simpson; 8. 54X-Jordan Walker; 9. 409-Chad Giberson

Heat 4: 1. 93-Matt Werner; 2. 43-Derrick Stewart; 3. 88-Jarrett Brown; 4. 25-Derek Walker; 5. 21M-Tyler Madigan; 6. 37-Steve Gustaf; 7. 7-Blaine Webster; 8. 2R-Fisher Reese; 9. 60-Tyler Wirtjes

Donnellson Tire & Service Stock Cars

 1. 99X-Dallon Murty, Chelsea, IA; 2. 00-Johnny Spaw, Cedar Rapids, IA; 3. 30C-Abe Huls, Carthage, IL; 4. 71-David Brandies, Wilton, IA; 5. 52-Chris Wibbell, Dallas City, IL; 6. 3D-Jason Cook, Mt. Pleasant, IA; 7. 195-Michael Sheen, La Mesa, TX; 8. 21M-Kirk Kinsley, Wapello, IA; 9. 52J-Jeremy Pundt, Donnellson, IA; 10. 06-Jerry Jansen, Plainville, IL; 11. 3TS-Terry Dulin, Cedar Rapids, IA; 12. 82-Pete Stodgel, Fowler, IL; 13. 7C-Spencer Coats, La Grange, MO; 14. 77M-Jeff Mueller, Albion, IA; 15. 05-Chad Krogmeier, Burlington, IA; 16. 1B-Robert Thompson Jr., Macomb, IL (DNS); 17. 3T-Robert Thompson, Colchester, IL (DNS)

Heat 1: 1. 3D-Jason Cook; 2. 52-Chris Wibbell; 3. 195-Michael Sheen; 4. 05-Chad Krogmeier; 5. 3TS-Terry Dulin; 6. 21M-Kirk Kinsley; 7. 06-Jerry Jansen; 8. 1B-Robert Thompson Jr.; 9. 7C-Spencer Coats

Heat 2: 1. 71-David Brandies; 2. 00-Johnny Spaw; 3. 99X-Dallon Murty; 4. 77M-Jeff Mueller; 5. 30C-Abe Huls; 6. 52J-Jeremy Pundt; 7. 3T-Robert Thompson; 8. 82-Pete Stodgel

Roberts Tire Center SportMods

 1. 01-Brayton Carter, Oskaloosa, IA; 2. 22-Carter VanDenBerg, Oskaloosa, IA; 3. 53-Logan Anderson, Eddyville, IA; 4. 73X-Tanner Klingele, Quincy, IL; 5. 12S-Sean Wyett, Danville, IA; 6. 155-Vance Wilson, Quincy, IL; 7. 47S-Brandon Savage, Canton, MO; 8. 10-Jim Gillenwater, Keokuk, IA; 9. 3T-Tyler Soppe, Sherrill, IA; 10. 8C-Logan Cumby, Quincy, IL; 11. 21U-Dennis LaVeine, West Burlington, IA; 12. 39-Perry Gellerstedt, Carbon Cliff, IL; 13. 14AJ-AJ Tournear, Quincy, IL; 14. 65-David Engelkens, Morrison, IL; 15. 20-Nicholas Profeta, Keokuk, IA; 16. 00-Matt Tucker, Lomax, IL; 17. 13A-Austin Poage, Hannibal, MO; 18. 43-Peter Stodgel, Fowler, IL; 19. 89-Ron Kibbe, Danville, IA; 20. 33J-Joseph Luethje, Nevada, IA; 21. 14L-Brandon Lambert, Carthage, IL; 22. 2W-Reed Wolfmeyer, Liberty, IL; 23. 66-Tim Plummer, Norway, IA; 24. 4-Tyler Titus, Baxter, IA

B-Feature 1: (Top 4 to A) 1. 21U-Dennis LaVeine; 2. 4-Tyler Titus; 3. 13A-Austin Poage; 4. 43-Peter Stodgel; 5. 7R-Tom Ruble, Ft. Madison, IA; 6. 15?-Mike Bear, Lone Tree, IA; 7. 87-Josh Woodruff, East Galesburg, IL; 8. 55-Barry Taft, Argyle, IA; 9. 14?-Richard Hurlbut, Lone Tree, IA

B-Feature 2: 1. 66-Tim Plummer; 2. 65-David Engelkens; 3. 20-Nicholas Profeta; 4. 8C-Logan Cumby; 5. 10C-Cole Gillenwater, Keokuk, IA; 6. 24R-Dakota Anderson, Basco, IL; 7. 54-Quinton Shelton, Quincy, IL; 8. 117-Dylan VanWyk, Oskaloosa, IA (DNS); 9. 05-Reid Sammons, Kahoka, MO (DNS)

Heat 1: (Top 4 to A) 1. 12S-Sean Wyett; 2. 47S-Brandon Savage; 3. 155-Vance Wilson; 4. 2W-Reed Wolfmeyer; 5. 21U-Dennis LaVeine; 6. 13A-Austin Poage; 7. 7R-Tom Ruble; 8. 15?-Mike Bear; 9. 14?-Richard Hurlbut

Heat 2: 1. 53-Logan Anderson; 2. 01-Brayton Carter; 3. 10-Jim Gillenwater; 4. 89-Ron Kibbe; 5. 20-Nicholas Profeta; 6. 24R-Dakota Anderson; 7. 66-Tim Plummer; 8. 8C-Logan Cumby; 9. 117-Dylan VanWyk

Heat 3: 1. 73X-Tanner Klingele; 2. 22-Carter VanDenBerg; 3. 39-Perry Gellerstedt; 4. 00-Matt Tucker; 5. 87-Josh Woodruff; 6. 4-Tyler Titus; 7. 55-Barry Taft; 8. 43-Peter Stodgel

Heat 4: 1. 3T-Tyler Soppe; 2. 33J-Joseph Luethje; 3. 14AJ-AJ Tournear; 4. 14L-Brandon Lambert; 5. 65-David Engelkens; 6. 10C-Cole Gillenwater; 7. 54-Quinton Shelton; 8. 05-Reid Sammons

AVIS Car Rental Sport Compacts

 1. 3-Jake Benischek, Durant, IA; 2. 213B-Josh Barnes, Keokuk, IA; 3. 47J-Nathan Chandler, Norway, IA; 4. 48-Chuck Fullenkamp, West Point, IA; 5. 00J-Jimmy Dutlinger, Peoria, IL; 6. J47-Joe Pflum, Cincinnati, OH; 7. 52-Jared Heule, Keokuk, IA; 8. 71X-Matthew Hafer, Burlington, KY; 9. 27X-Darin Smith, Wapello, IA; 10. 24M-Jacob Houston, Burlington, IA; 11. 71-Kimberly Abbott, Camp Point, IL; 12. 9-Luke Fraise, Houghton, IA; 13. 28-Jarrett Hellweg, Fairfield, IA; 14. 94X-Justin Stevenson, Burlington, IA; 15. 69JX-William Michel, Columbus Junction, IA; 16. 44-Wayne Chamblee, Burlington, IA; 17. 24-Barry Taft, Argyle, IA; 18. 3D-Jaden Delonjay, Quincy, IL; 19. 95X-Tim Wagner, Wapello, IA; 20. 32-Jeff DeLonjay, Quincy, IL; 21. 27-Brandon Reu, Donnellson, IA; 22. 63-Mike Hornung Jr., Keokuk, IA; 23. 29-Matt Miller, Waterloo, IA; 24. 44J-David Judd, Burlington, IA; 25. 2X-TJ Weyls, Burlington, IA (DNS); 26. (DNS) 25CB-Jim Russell, Ainsworth, IA (DNS)

Heat 1: 1. 213B-Josh Barnes; 2. 3-Jake Benischek; 3. 3D-Jaden Delonjay; 4. 27-Brandon Reu; 5. 24-Barry Taft; 6. 28-Jarrett Hellweg; 7. 9-Luke Fraise; 8. 95X-Tim Wagner; 9. 44-Wayne Chamblee

Heat 2: 1. 47J-Nathan Chandler; 2. 69JX-William Michel; 3. 52-Jared Heule; 4. 27X-Darin Smith; 5. 44J-David Judd; 6. 29-Matt Miller; 7. 24M-Jacob Houston; 8. 2X-TJ Weyls

Heat 3: 1. 48-Chuck Fullenkamp; 2. 32-Jeff DeLonjay; 3. 71X-Matthew Hafer; 4. 00J-Jimmy Dutlinger; 5. J47-Joe Pflum; 6. 94X-Justin Stevenson; 7. 71-Kimberly Abbott; 8. 63-Mike Hornung Jr; 9. 25CB-Jim Russell

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