Season Championship & Photo Daddy 50 “Drive For 5” Postponed Until Thursday, August 31st


We have thought and thought again, and have made a decision to postpone Friday, August 25th’s Season Championship / Photo Daddy 50 “Drive For 5” Finale until Thursday, August 31st. In the best interest of the employees safety who have to ride in the tractors and water trucks to prep the track, to the kitchen workers, to the driver’s safety and the fans who have to sit outside we have made this decision. Yes we could start later, but the heat warnings go until 8 PM, so how long do we push the start time back?

Next Thursday, August 31st will the the same show, Season Championship / Photo Daddy 50 “Drive For 5” Finale. Full IMCA national, state, regional, rookie and track points will be awarded in all class. Yes, we have already gotten the approval from IMCA for this move.

We hope everyone understands this move. Stay safe out there and we will see you next Thursday, August 31st!!!

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