8th Annual Fall Extravaganza Cancelled

Mother nature takes the 8th Annual Fall Extravaganza scheduled for this weekend, Friday, October 11th and Saturday, October 12th. This event will not be rescheduled for the 2019 season.

We now turn our attention to the 21st Annual Shiverfest, scheduled for Saturday, October 26th. Stay tune to our website and Facebook page for more information about the event.

Wagoner, Burks, Carter, and Wyett Cash In at the Pepsi Lee County Speedway

by Brian Neal
Donnellson, IA (Saturday, September 14, 2019) – After three weeks since the 2019 reg
ular season points ended, the Pepsi Lee County Speedway in Donnellson, Iowa returned to action on a rare Saturday in September. As HAPPS CNC Performance Engines, Mohrfeld Electric, and Henniges Automotive helped to bring the action in the Iowa Sprint League Non Wing Sprints, 305 Sprint Cars, Budweiser IMCA Modifieds, Roberts Tire Center SportMods, and Illinois Midget Racing Association – IMRA Midgets.

After all the qualifying events were completed, the 20 lap Roberts Tire Center SportMods were the first feature to take to the track. With Tony Olson and Brayton Carter drawing the front row for the event. Carter took advantage of his draw to jump out front on lap 1 over Olson and Jarrett Franzen. While Carter paced the field out front, Franzen, Sean Wyett, who started 7th, Olson, and Austen Becerra battled two and three wide for the second thru fifth spots. Becerra, who was working the top of the track, was able to work himself into the runner up spot on lap 8, and then went to work on Carter for the top spot. On lap 10 Carter started working into lapped traffic, which helped Becerra to close in on him. Just as it looked like the feature would go green to checkered without a caution, Draython Schanfish spun in turn 2 on lap 15 to bring out the yellow. On the restart Jim Powell and Barry Taft spun into the guardrail in turn 1 to bring the yellow light back on. The following restart saw Carter jumped back out front, with Wyett and Franzen close behind. Carter, who worked the bottom of the track, and Wyett, who was working the top, ran the final four laps side-by-side, with Wyett grabbing the lead coming to the white flag. Going into turn 3 Wyett had a lapped car in his groove, that forced him to move down a lane. This would allow Carter to get up next to him coming off turn 4. Wyett would edge out the win by a nose to claim the $800 top prize. Carter settled for a close 2nd, Olson was 3rd, Dylan VanWyk started 10th and finished 4th, with Franzen coming home in 5th.

Up next was the 20 lap Illinois Midget Racing Association – IMRA Midget feature, with Brent Burrows and Andy Baugh leading the field to green. But just as the green flag waved the yellow light would come on, as Will Armatage spun in turn 1 to bring out the yellow. On the original restart Baugh grabbed the lead on lap 1 over Burrows and Tyler Roth. While Baugh set the pace out front, Burrows, Roth and Mark McMahill were battling for the runner up spot. The action up front was brought to a halt on lap 11, as Tracy Hull, who was running 5th, got upside down in turn 2 to bring out the red. He would climb from his car okay. Baugh would jump back out front on the restart, with Roth and McMahill close behind. Baugh then held on over the final laps to score his second win in the two appearances of the season at the Pepsi Lee County Speedway. Roth was 2nd, McMahill was 3rd, Burrows was 4th, with Jeff Sparks rounding out the top 5.

Riley Kreisel and Wyatt Burks led the field to the drop of the green flag in the 25 lap Iowa Sprint League Non Wing Sprint Car feature, with Kreisel jumping out front on lap 1 over Burks and Chris Parkinson. The pace was slowed on lap 3, as Glen Saville spun in turn 2 to bring out the yellow. On the restart Kreisel moved back out front, with Burks and Parkinson following. Just after the lap was scored complete, Chuck Alexander spun in turn 4 to bring out the yellow. Kreisel once again grabbed the lead on the restart, with Burks and Parkinson still following. Then just after that lap was scored complete, another caution came out. This time Katlynn Leer slowed in turn 1 to bring out the yellow. Once again Kreisel grabbed the lead on the restart, with Burks and Terry Babb, who started 10th and over took Parkinson for third, close behind. Disaster would strike Kreisel on lap 7, as he slowed off turn 4 with mechanical troubles to bring out the yellow. This would give Burks the lead on the restart, with Babb and Parkinson following. Without another caution to slow the pace, Burks would pull away to an easy win and claim the $1,000 top prize to go with it. Babb was 2nd, Parkinson was 3rd, Colton Fisher was 4th, with Dan Keltner finishing 5th after starting in 21st.

Up next was the 22 lap Budweiser IMCA Modified feature, with Patrick Flannagan and Cayden Carter drawing the front row. Carter took advantage of his starting spot to grab the lead on lap 1 over John Oliver Jr. and Ethan Braaksma. The pace that Carter was setting would put him into lapped traffic on lap 9, but that wasn’t enough to slow him down. Without a caution to bring the field back to Carter’s back bumper, he would pull away to claim his second win of the season at the track and claim the $1,000 top prize to go with it. Oliver Jr. was 2nd, Braaksma was 3rd, Jeff Waterman was 4th, with Flannagan holding on for 5th.

The 25 lap 305 Sprint Car feature was the last event to take to the track, with Mike Mayberry and Ben Wagoner leading the field to green. But just as the green was waved the yellow light came on for a no start. On the original restart Justin Parrish and Russ Hall got upside down in turn 2 and collected Scott Duff, Brayden Gaylord, Harold Pohren and Nathan Murders to bring out the red. All driver’s climb from their cars okay. On a third attempt of a start Wagoner grabbed the lead on lap 1 over Dan Keltner and Josh Schneiderman. While Wagoner set the pace out front, Keltner and Schneiderman battled for the runner up spot. The action up front was slowed on lap 14, when Mason Campbell and Devon Rouse got together coming off turn 4 that resulted in both driver’s spinning down the front stretch to bring out the yellow. On the restart Wagoner jumped back out front, with Keltner over taking Schneiderman for the runner up spot. Three more laps completed produced another caution, as Mayberry slowed to stop in turn 2 to bring out the yellow. Once again Wagoner grabbed the lead on the restart, with Keltner and Schneiderman close behind. Just after the lap was scored complete the red light would come on, as Joe Laue rolled in turn 1 to bring out the red. He would climb from his car okay. Wagoner again grabbed the lead on the restart, with Keltner and Schneiderman close behind. With Keltner and Schneiderman battling for second, this would allow Wagoner to go on to claim his first win of the season at the Pepsi Lee County Speedway. The win for Wagoner was also worth $1,000. Keltner won the battle for 2nd, Schneiderman was 3rd, Tyler Duff was 4th after starting 9th, with Daniel Bergquist coming from 17th to finish 5th.

The next event at the Pepsi Lee County Speedway will be on Friday, October 11th and Saturday, October 12th. As Casey’s General Stores, Midwest Performance & Power, and Donnellson Tire & Service bring you the 10th Annual Fall Extravaganza. Look for more information about this event to be released on our Facebook page and website within the next few days.

For more information about the remaining 2019 fall schedule at the Pepsi Lee County Speedway, please like their Facebook page or visit the tracks website at www.leecountyspeedway.com.

Pepsi Lee County Speedway, Donnellson, Iowa
Saturday, September 14, 2019 – Happs CNC, Mohrfeld Electric, and Henniges Automotive Night

305 Sprints

A-Feature: 1.  Ben Wagoner, Emden, IA; 2.  Dan Keltner, Grandview, IA; 3.  Josh Schneiderman, West Burlington, IA; 4.  Tyler Duff, Weldon, IL; 5.  Daniel Bergquist, Burlington, IA; 6.  Mike Johnston, Des Moines, IA; 7.  Devon Rouse, Burlington, IA; 8.  Kyle Peterson, Gladstone, IL; 9.  Dave Getchell, Sperry, IA; 10. Joel Thorpe, Urbandale, IA; 11. Tyler Barrick, Slater, IA; 12. Mason Campbell, New Berlin, IL; 13. Travis Pence, Stronghurst, IL; 14. Joe Laue, Morning Sun, IA; 15. Mike Mayberry, Fremont, IA; 16. Wyatt Wilkerson, Morning Sun, IA; 17. Justin Parrish, Oquawka, IL; 18. Russ Hall, Altoona, IA; 19. Scott Duff, Weldon, IL; 20. Brayden Gaylord, Wever, IA; 21. Harold Pohren, New London, IA; 22. Nathan Murders, Burlington, IA; 23. Matthew Johnson, Ankeny, IA (DNS)

Heat 1: 1.  Mike Mayberry; 2.  Scott Duff; 3.  Dan Keltner; 4.  Harold Pohren; 5.  Tyler Barrick; 6.  Nathan Murders; 7.  Travis Pence; 8.  Wyatt Wilkerson

Heat 2: 1.  Justin Parrish; 2.  Russ Hall; 3.  Brayden Gaylord; 4.  Mike Johnston; 5.  Devon Rouse; 6.  Daniel Bergquist; 7.  Joel Thorpe; 8.  Dave Getchell

Heat 3: 1.  Ben Wagoner; 2.  Josh Schneiderman; 3.  Tyler Duff; 4.  Kyle Peterson; 5.  Mason Campbell; 6.  Joe Laue; 7.  Matthew Johnson

Iowa Sprint League Non Wing Sprints

A-Feature: 1. Wyatt Burks, Topeka, KS; 2. Terry Babb, Decatur, IL; 3. Chris Parkinson, Gladstone, MO; 4. Colton Fisher, Mediapolis, IA; 5. Dan Keltner, Wapello, IA; 6. Jonathan Hughes, Knoxville, IA; 7. Andy Baugh, Mason City, IL; 8. Tommy Rockwell, Towanda, IL; 9. Bret Mellenberndt, Sioux Falls, S.D.; 10. Glen Saville, Razorback, NSW, AUS; 11. Brad Wyatt, Kearney, MO; 12. Blaine Jamison, Mediapolis, IA; 13. Austin Archdale, Brimfield, IL; 14. Jason Pardock, Melrose, IA; 15. Neal Matuska, Foley, MN; 16. Chuck Alexander, Chariton, IA; 17. Brandon Stevenson, Holstein, IA; 18. Doug Sylvester, Ottumwa, IA; 19. Lance Silvers, Ottumwa, IA; 20. Riley Kreisel, Warsaw, MO; 21. Katlynn Leer, Moulton, IA; 22. Mason Campbell, New Berlin, IL

Heat 1: 1. Colton Fisher; 2. Katlynn Leer; 3. Glen Saville; 4. Mason Campbell; 5. Bret Mellenberndt; 6. Doug Sylvester; 7. Austin Archdale; 8. Lance Silvers (DNS)

Heat 2: 1. Wyatt Burks; 2. Andy Baugh; 3. Riley Kreisel; 4. Terry Babb; 5. Jonathan Hughes; 6. Tommy Rockwell; 7. Dan Keltner (DNS)

Heat 3: 1. Chris Parkinson; 2. Neal Matuska; 3. Brad Wyatt; 4. Jason Pardock; 5. Brandon Stevenson; 6. Chuck Alexander; 7. Blaine Jamison

Dash: 1. Riley Kreisel; 2. Wyatt Burks; 3. Chris Parkinson; 4. Colton Fisher; 5. Neal Matuska; 6. Katlynn Leer

Budweiser IMCA Modifieds

A-Feature: 1.  Cayden Carter, Oskaloosa, IA; 2.  John Oliver Jr., Danville, IA; 3.  Ethan Braaksma, Newton, IA; 4.  Jeff Waterman, Quincy, IL; 5.  Patrick Flannagan, Cedar Rapids, IA; 6.  Eric Barnes, Colona, IL; 7.  Dennis LaVeine, West Burlington, IA; 8.  Kyle Brown, Madrid, IA; 9.  Bill Roberts Jr., Burlington, IA; 10. Jarrett Franzen, Maquoketa, IA; 11. Greg Durbin, Silvis, IL; 12. Jordan Walker, Cedar Rapids, IA; 13. Derek Walker, Riverside, IA; 14. Steve Johnson, Camanche, IA; 15. Mike Goben, Milan, IL; 16. Scott Simatovich, State Center, IA; 17. Ray Cox Jr., Maquoketa, IA; 18. Levi Smith, Donnellson, IA; 19. Kory Meyer; Dixon, IA; 20. Mike Guldenpfenning; Muscatine, IA; 21. Bill Baker; Hannibal, MO; 22. Mitch Boles; New London, IA; 23. Dugan Thye; Burlington, IA; 24. David Brown; Kellogg, IA

Heat 1: 1.  John Oliver Jr.; 2.  Jeff Waterman; 3.  Greg Durbin; 4.  Patrick Flannagan; 5.  Bill Roberts Jr.; 6.  Ray Cox Jr.; 7.  Levi Smith; 8.  David Brown

Heat 2: 1.  Cayden Carter; 2.  Kyle Brown; 3.  Jordan Walker; 4.  Jarrett Franzen; 5.  Mitch Boles; 6.  Mike Goben; 7.  Mike Guldenpfenning; 8.  Scott Simatovich

Heat 3: 1.  Dennis LaVeine; 2.  Ethan Braaksma; 3.  Eric Barnes; 4.  Steve Johnson; 5.  Derek Walker; 6.  Dugan Thye; 7.  Kory Meyer; 8.  Bill Baker

Roberts Tire Center SportMods

A-Feature: 1.  Sean Wyett, Danville, IA; 2.  Brayton Carter, Oskaloosa, IA; 3.  Tony Olson, Cedar Rapids, IA; 4.  Dylan VanWyk, Oskaloosa, IA; 5.  Jarrett Franzen, Maquoketa, IA; 6.  Carter VanDenBerg, Oskaloosa, IA; 7.  Austin Howes, Memphis, MO; 8.  Tyler Soppe, Sherrill, IA; 9.  Johnathon Logue, Boone, IA; 10. Kyle Olson, Cedar Rapids, IA; 11. Brandon Symmonds, Keokuk, IA; 12. Brandon Tharp, Vinton, IA; 13. Jason Doyle, Marion, IA; 14. Jacob Beal, Milan, IL; 15. Josh Holtman, Quincy, IL; 16. Brandyn Ryan, Coatsburg, IL; 17. Barry Taft, Argyle, IA; 18. Tom Lathrop                   Ottumwa, IA; 19. Draython Schanfish, East Moline, IL; 20. Jim Powell, Hannibal, MO; 21. Nicholas Profeta, Keokuk, IA; 22. Jim Gillenwater, Keokuk, IA; 23. Jenae Gustin, Marshalltown, IA (DNS); 24. Austen Becerra, Bowen, IL

Heat 1: 1.  Sean Wyett; 2.  Brayton Carter; 3.  Jarrett Franzen; 4.  Tony Olson; 5.  Austin Howes; 6.  Jason Doyle; 7.  Jacob Beal; 8.  Jenae Gustin

Heat 2: 1.  Tyler Soppe; 2.  Austen Becerra; 3.  Kyle Olson; 4.  Barry Taft; 5.  Josh Holtman; 6.  Brandon Symmonds; 7.  Brandyn Ryan; 8.  Draython Schanfish

Heat 3: 1.  Carter VanDenBerg; 2.  Dylan VanWyk; 3.  Jim Gillenwater; 4.  Johnathon Logue; 5.  Brandon Tharp; 6.  Tom Lathrop; 7.  Nicholas Profeta; 8.  Jim Powell

Illinois Midget Racing Association – IMRA Midgets

A-Feature: 1. Andy Baugh, Mason City, IL; 2. Tyler Roth, Springfield, IL; 3. Mark McMahill, Hanna City, IL; 4. Brent Burrows, Lewistown, IL; 5. Jeff Sparks, Mason City, IL; 6. Bart Andrews, Ft. Madison, IA; 7. Jacob Sollenberger, Canton, IL; 8. Kevin Battefeld, Lewistown, IL; 9. Robert Bell, Colfax, IA; 10. Will Armatage, Athens, IL; 11. Russell Johnston, Monmouth, IL; 12. John Hietzman, Mason City, IL; 13. Tracy Hull, Monmouth, IL; 14. Mark Billings, Columbia, MO (DNS); 15. Jace Sparks, Crystal Lake, IL (DNS); 16. Blake Haynes, Adel, IA (DNS)

Heat 1: 1. Tyler Roth; 2. Jeff Sparks; 3. Tracy Hull; 4. Jacob Sollenberger; 5. Kevin Battefeld; 6. Russell Johnston; 7. Mark Billings; 8. John Hietzman

Heat 2: 1. Andy Baugh; 2. Brent Burrows; 3. Mark McMahill; 4. Bart Andrews; 5. Robert Bell; 6. Jace Sparks; 7. Will Armatage; 8. Blake Haynes


Featuring the Iowa Sprint Car League Non Wing Sprints, the 305 Winged Sprint Nationals paying $1,000 to win and $100 to start, the Illinois Midget Racing Association – IMRA Midgets, IMCA Modifieds going for $1,000 to win and $100 to start, and SportMods racing for $800 to win and $100 to start.

For those who want to arrive early the pits will be open all day. We will then clear the pits out at around 4 PM or so to start selling pit passes. Also we do have Modified and SportMod driver’s who have paid reserved spots. So before you park in front of a marked spot please ask if it will be used tonight before you park there.

We are going to have the driver’s meeting at 5:45 PM, so please try to get there and checked in before then. Hot laps at 6 PM, and racing to follow.

Remember grandstands are our weekly admission prices. Adults $10, Seniors (60+) $9, Students (11-17) and Adult Veterans $5, Senior Veterans $4, and Kids 10 & under FREE! Plus if you still have your ticket stub from Friday, August 23rd, please bring it with you and receive $3 off the grandstand admission prices. Pit passes are $30, Ages (7-13) $20, Ages (4-6) $10, and Ages ( 3 & under) $5.

We can’t THANK the following sponsors for making this night a exciting one!

Happs CNC Performance Engines Inc
Mohrfeld Electric
Henniges Automotive
Robert’s Tire Center
Oliver Heating & Air
Hinkle Auto Sales
SDB Farms – Scott Boles and Dana Boles
Dirt Stars Racing Products
Boles Rental Cars
and those who wish to remain unanimous

We look forward to seeing you tonight for a GREAT night of RACING!!