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Just a reminder that Raceceivers are Mandatory for all classes at Lee County Speedway. Each driver must have a Raceceiver to compete during regular racing events.
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PostHeaderIcon Late Models will run in 2018 at Pepsi Lee County Speedway

Lee County Late Models will be going into their 3rd year at the Lee County Speedway. If you ran a car in 2017 you will have nothing to change. We will have a few extra things allowed to adapt to more cars being able to race with us in 2018.
1. Invert will be used just like we do with all other classes.
2. All Steel blocked motors will be legal using restrictors. 2 or 4 to be announced later.
3. IMCA Late Models run as they are unless they go to D55 then 2 restrictors could be a possibility if we see fit.

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