Driver’s Honored at the 2019 Awards Banquet

2019 I-Smile Silver IMCA Late Models (pictured in front from L to R) Tommy Elston (Track Champion), and Ron Boyse (2nd). (Back row from L to R) Brandon Queen (5th), and Darin Weisinger Jr. (6th). (Not pictured is Jay Johnson (3rd), Ray Raker (4th), Stacy Griffis (7th), Brian Harris (8th), Nick Marolf (9th), and Matt Strassheim (10th)).
2019 305 Sprint Cars (pictured in front from L to R) Tanner Gebhardt (Track Champion), and Harold Pohren (2nd). (Back row L to R) Nathan Murders (3rd), Mason Campbell (5th), and Jeff Wilke (7th). (Not pictured is Brayden Gaylord (4th), Dillan Roth (6th), Daniel Bergquist, Joe Laue, and Kelly Graham all tied for 8th).
2019 Budweiser IMCA Modifieds (pictured in front from L to R) John Oliver Jr. (Track Champion), Dennis LaVeine (2nd), and Jeff Waterman (3rd). (Back row L to R) Chadwick Giberson (tied for 4th), Levi Smith (6th), Mitch Boles (7th), and Dugan Thye (10th). (Not pictured is Bill Roberts Jr. (tied for 4th), Dakota Simmons (8th), and Craig Spegal (9th)).
2019 Donnellson Tire & Service IMCA Stock Cars (pictured in front from L to R) Jeremy Pundt (Track Champion), and Chad Krogmeier (2nd). (Back row L to R) Jerry Jansen (4th), Tyler Moore (6th), and Kyle Boyd (7th). (Not pictured is Abe Huls (3rd), Beau Taylor (5th), Brandon Savage (8th), Jason Cook (9th), and Les Blakley (10th)).
2019 Roberts Tire Center IMCA SportMods (pictured in front from L to R) Daniel Fellows (Track Champion), Brandon Dale (2nd), Austen Becerra (3rd), and Jim Powell (4th). (Back row L to R) Brian Bergheger (5th), Kyle Hamelton (7th), Ron Kibbe (8th), and Sean Wyett (tied for 9th). (Not pictured is Adam Birck (6th), and Steven Berry (tied for 9th)).
2019 Discount Tire & Service IMCA Sport Compacts (pictured in front from L to R) Brandon Reu (track champion), Trent Orwig (2nd), and Kimberly Abbott (3rd). (Back row L to R) Cody Bowman (4th), Barry Taft (5th), David Prim (6th), and Wesley Talley (9th). (Not pictured is Jason Ash (7th), Dylan Schantz (8th), and Josh Barnes (10th)).

All pictured taken by D&M Racing Photography

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