Procedures and Guidelines For This Weekend

The following will be our procedures for this weekend. We ask that everyone please follow these rules, as these are the guidelines we must follow.

Our pit area will be open all day. So when you arrive you may find a place to park. If there is a sign up for a reserved spot, please ask before you park in that spot. Around 5 PM our pit shack crew will arrive. At this time the driver or car owner, only one, must stop or come to the pit shack to receive your release form, 10 pit passes and driver’s meeting instructions. Also have a count of how many minor release forms you will need, so we may give those to you to fill out.

You then return to your pit area or drive in to find a place to park. Once you have done this then have everyone that will be signed into your crew print and sign their name on the release form. Put one of your 10 pit pass wristbands on each person.

At 6:45 PM we will close the pit gate. At this time we will have people go around to every trailer to make sure everyone in your pit area has a wristband on. If we find somebody in your pit area without a wristband on, we will ask you to get one on them. If at anytime during the night somebody is seen in the pits without a wristband, the car you are associated with will be ask to leave with NO refund. So please help us out!

After checking the pit area at 6:45, the pit gates will open back up. At this time we ask you to bring a list of names and the number of wristbands for those people who haven’t arrived, along with your release forms back to the pit shack. That way anybody who arrives after 7 PM will have to check in at the pit shack and sign on your release form. ALL FORMS ALONG WITH YOUR $200 MUST BE TURNED IN BEFORE YOU CAN CHECK IN AND DRAW.

Media will be very limited for this weekend. You must have a media credential of some form to be allowed to sign in under media. You must also be pre approved before arriving to the track. With our guidelines we have to limit the amount of help that signs in.

Just a reminder that NO single pit passes will be sold. You must be part of a race team to be allowed into the pits.

Other guidelines we must follow are as follows:

1. If you are sick or have been in contact with anyone having or suspected of having COVID-19, please stay home.
2. Masks are not required. But if you choose to wear one, please feel free to do so. If anyone in our pit area chooses to harass or belittle someone for wearing a mask, we reserve the right to ask that person / team to leave (no refunds in event you’re asked to leave our pit area for something of this nature).
3. Social Distancing: Keep your pit area to the maximum of 10 people, NO MORE. And please practice social distancing when going to the concession stands, or going to check the line ups.
4. Concessions will have a limited menu. Packets of some condiments will be available at your request.
5. NO personal vehicles will be allowed in the pit area.

Again please help us out by following all these guidelines. These are what we have to follow. Thank you in advance for your help!

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