Driver’s Honored For 2018 Accomplishments

Steffes Late Models (Front row L to R) champion Tommy Elston and Sam Halstead 2nd. (Back row L to R) Ron Boyse 3rd, Darin Weisinger Jr. 6th, and Brandon Queen 8th.
Budweiser IMCA Modifieds (Front row L to R) champion Jeff Waterman and Ed Roberts representing Bill Roberts Jr. 2nd. (Back row L to R) Mitch Boles 3rd, Dakota Simmons 5th, and Levi Smith 9th.
Donnellson Tire & Service IMCA Stock Cars (Front row L to R) champion John Oliver Jr. and Jeremy Pundt 2nd. (Back row L to R) Jason Cook 3rd, Kevin Koontz 5th, and Chad Krogmeier 6th.
Discount Tire & Service IMCA SportMods (Front row L to R) champion Brandon Dale and Bob Cowman 2nd. (Back row L to R) Austen Becerra 3rd, Kyle Hamelton 5th, and Ron Kibbe 10th.
Armstrong Tractor IMCA Sport Compacts (Front row L to R) champion Barry Taft, Kimberly Abbott 2nd, and Brandon Reu 3rd. (Back row L to R) Mike Reu 4th, Jake Dietrich 5th, and David Prim 8th.

2017 Registration and Parking Forms

The new 2017 Track Registration and 2017 Reserved Parking forms have been post. To keep your reserved pit stall from last year please complete the forms and mail them with your payment now. Time is limited and it will save you a lot of time opening night if you are preregister.

We look forward to a great 2017 racing season and thank you for your support.