Gaylord and Brown Finally Break Into Victory Lane

by Brian Neal
Donnellson, IA (Friday, July 27, 2018) – After severe thunderstorms and tornado’s raced across Iowa last Thursday, July 19th that damaged the fairgrounds, which forced last Friday nights action to be cancelled. The Pepsi Lee County Speedway in Donnellson, Iowa got everything put back together to get back to racing on Wilson Brothers BBQ and Catering Night. At the end of the night two drivers scored their career first feature wins at the track, while four other drivers visited victory lane for another time in 2018.

The 14 lap Armstrong Tractor IMCA Sport Compact feature was the first to take to the track, with Kenny Smith and Mike Reu leading the field to green. Mike Reu used his starting spot to his advantage, as he jumped out into the lead on lap 1 over Kimberly Abbott and Brandon Reu. But that lead only lasted for 1 lap, as Abbott slipped by to grab the top spot away on lap 2. Mike Reu would try to work back under Abbott, but also had to try and hold off Barry Taft for the runner up spot. Taft would over take Mike Reu for second on lap 6, and then went to work on chasing down Abbott for the lead. But without a caution to slow the event, Abbott would go on to win her third feature of the season at the track. Taft was 2nd, Mike Reu was 3rd, Darin Smith started 8th and edged out Brandon Reu for 4th, with Brandon Reu rounding out the top 5.

Up next was the 18 lap Discount Tire & Service IMCA SportMod feature, with Bob Cowman and Austen Becerra making up the front row. Just as the green flag waved the yellow light would come on, as Daniel Fellows spun in turn 4 to bring out the yellow. On the original restart John Renier would spin in turn 4 to bring the yellow back out. The following original restart saw Becerra grab the lead on lap 1 over Cowman and Austin Howes. Then just after lap 1 was scored complete Kyle Hamelton would spin in turn 4 to bring out the yellow. Becerra jumped back out front on the restart, with Adam Birck and Howes following close behind. Birck would try to work under Becerra, when the action was slowed on lap 16 to set up a two lap finish. Contact between Brandon Dale and Howes, who were battling for 5th, sent both drivers spinning in turn 2 to bring out the yellow. On the restart Becerra moved back out front, with Birck and Sean Wyett, who started 9th, close behind. Birck would try to get under Becerra over the final lap, but Becerra was able to hold him off to claim his third win of the season at the Pepsi Lee County Speedway. Birck was 2nd, Wyett was 3rd, Brandyn Ryan finished 4th after starting in 8th, with Fellows recovering from his spin on the start to come back up to finish 5th.

Kevin Koontz and Chad Krogmeier led the field to green in the 20 lap Donnellson Tire & Service IMCA Stock Car feature, when Eric Glass elected to go to the rear. But it was third place starter Beau Taylor who grabbed the lead on lap 1 over Krogmeier and Jeremy Pundt. Pundt would over take Krogmeier for second on lap 2, and then tried to work under Taylor. At the same time John Oliver Jr., who started 7th, worked himself into third on lap 3, and was trying to get under Pundt for second. On lap 14 Oliver Jr. would slip under Pundt for the runner up spot and then two laps later, lap 16, he would slip under Taylor for the lead. Taylor then had to work to hold back Pundt for second. As Oliver Jr. would go on to lead the final laps to pick up his third win at the track. Pundt won the battle for 2nd, Taylor was 3rd, Jason Cook was 4th, with Krogmeier finishing in 5th.

The 20 lap 305 Sprint feature was up next, with Joe Simbro and Brayden Gaylord drawing the front row. Simbro took advantage of his starting spot to grab the lead on lap 1 over Gaylord and Joe Laue. Laue, who was running the top of the track, used the momentum off the top coming out of turn 4 to grab the lead away from Simbro on lap 3. One lap later, lap 4, Mason Campbell, who started 6th, worked himself into second and then went to work on Laue for the lead. But disaster would strike Campbell and Harold Pohren on lap 7, as Campbell slowed in turn 4 with mechanical troubles. Pohren, who was glued to his back bumper, had no where to go and went over Campbell’s left rear to get upside down to bring out the red. Pohren would climb from his car okay. On the restart Gaylord shot under Laue to take over the top spot, with Laue and Simbro following. Before lap 9 was scored complete, Simbro did a 360 spin in turn 4 to bring out the yellow. Gaylord once again grabbed the lead on the restart, with Laue and Bailey Goldesberry, who started 7th, close behind. While Gaylord started to pull away, the battle was for second between Laue and Goldesberry. Goldesberry was able to grab the runner up spot from Laue on lap 18, but ran out of laps to chase down Gaylord. As Gaylord went on to claim his first ever 305 Sprint feature at the Pepsi Lee County Speedway. Goldesberry was 2nd, Laue was 3rd, Jarrod Schneiderman was 4th, with Dave Getchell coming from 8th to finish 5th.

Scott Boles and Craig Spegal led the field to green in the 20 lap Budweiser IMCA Modified feature, with Boles jumping out front on lap 1 over Jeff Waterman, who started 6th, and Dean McGee. Just after lap 1 was scored complete Dustin Crear came to a stop in turn 1 to bring out the yellow. On the restart Waterman would over take Boles for the lead, as McGee followed him into second. While Waterman started to pull away, Jarrett Brown, who started 8th, and Colby Springsteen, who started 7th, were trying to work themselves to the front. On lap 6 Brown would slip past McGee for second, while Springsteen moved into third on lap 10. They both then went to work on chasing down Waterman for the top spot. Brown would chase down Waterman on lap 15, and then coming to the wave of the green flag, Brown went high in turn 3 and then cut to the bottom coming off turn 4 to edge out front on lap 18. Brown then held off Waterman over the final lap to claim his first ever feature win at the track. Waterman was 2nd, Springsteen was 3rd, McGee was 4th, with John Oliver Jr., who was driving Dennis LaVeine’s #71, coming from 10th to finish in 5th.

The final feature to take to the track was the 20 lap Steffes Late Models, with Jeff Guengerich and Sam Halstead making up the front row. Halstead used his starting spot to his advantage by grabbing the lead on lap 1 over Guengerich and Tommy Elston. Just after lap 1 was scored complete Todd Frank slowed in turn 4 to bring out the yellow. On the restart Halstead jumped back out front, with Elston and Guengerich close behind. Elston then tried to work under Halstead over the entire race, but Halstead was able to hold him off to pick up his second win of the season at the Pepsi Lee County Speedway. Elston was 2nd, Guengerich was 3rd, Ron Boyse was 4th, with Vance Wilson coming home in 5th.

Coming up next at the Pepsi Lee County Speedway will be $5 Fan Appreciation Night on Friday, August 3rd, with the action being presented by Archies Auto Service. In action will be the Steffes Late Models, Budweiser IMCA Modifieds, Donnellson Tire & Service IMCA Stock Cars, Discount Tire & Service IMCA SportMods, and Armstrong Tractor IMCA Sport Compacts.

Gates will open at 5:30 PM, hot laps at 7 PM, and racing at 7:30 PM. Grandstand admission will be adults, seniors (60+), and students (11-17) $5, and kids 10 & under FREE!! Pit passes are $25, age 7-13 $15, ages 4-6 $10, and ages 3 & under $3.

For more information about the Pepsi Lee County Speedway you can visit their website at, like them on Facebook, or call Brian Gaylord at 319-371-6744.



Pepsi Lee County Speedway, Donnellson, Iowa

Friday July 27, 2018 – Wilson Brothers BBQ


305 Sprint Cars

A-Feature: 1.  Brayden Gaylord, Wever, IA; 2.  Bailey Goldesberry, Springfield, IL; 3.  Joe Laue, Morning Sun, IA; 4.  Jarrod Schneiderman, West Burlington, IA; 5.  Dave Getchell, Sperry, IA; 6.  Jeff Wilke, Genoa, IL; 7.  Joe Simbro, Solon, IA; 8.  Nick Guernsey, Burlington, IA; 9.  Kelly Graham, Hedrick, IA; 10. Harold Pohren, New London, IA; 11. Mason Campbell, New Berlin, IL; 12. Daniel Bergquist, Burlington, IA

Heat 1: 1.  Joe Laue; 2.  Jarrod Schneiderman; 3.  Joe Simbro; 4.  Bailey Goldesberry; 5.  Daniel Bergquist; 6.  Nick Guernsey

Heat 2: 1.  Harold Pohren; 2.  Mason Campbell; 3.  Brayden Gaylord; 4.  Dave Getchell; 5.  Kelly Graham; 6.  Jeff Wilke


Steffes Late Models

A-Feature: 1.  Sam Halstead, New London, IA; 2.  Tommy Elston, Keokuk, IA; 3.  Jeff Guengerich, Washington, IA; 4.  Ron Boyse, Kalona, IA; 5.  Vance Wilson, Quincy, IL; 6.  Brandon Queen, Keokuk, IA; 7.  Darin Weisinger Jr., Mendon, IL; 8.  Chase Frank, Montrose, IA; 9.  Todd Frank, Montrose, IA

Heat: 1.  Jeff Guengerich; 2.  Tommy Elston; 3.  Sam Halstead; 4.  Vance Wilson; 5.  Ron Boyse; 6.  Darin Weisinger  Jr.; 7.  Brandon Queen; 8.  Chase Frank; 9.  Todd Frank


Budweiser IMCA Modifieds

A-Feature: 1.  Jarrett Brown, Ainsworth, IA; 2.  Jeff Waterman, Quincy, IL; 3.  Colby Springsteen, Wapello, IA; 4.  Dean McGee, Galesburg, IL; 5.  John Oliver Jr., Danville, IA; 6.  Logan Anderson, Eddyville, IA; 7.  Jerad Fuller, Memphis, MO; 8.  Dakota Simmons, Douds, IA; 9.  Bill Roberts Jr., Burlington, IA; 10. Brandon Banks, Washington, IA; 11. Mitch Boles, New London, IA; 12. Kelly Buckallew, Memphis, MO; 13. Levi Smith, Donnellson, IA; 14. Bob Jennings, Mt. Pleasant, IA; 15. Craig Spegal, New London, MO; 16. Dustin Crear, West Burlington, IA; 17. Dugan Thye, Burlington, IA

Heat 1: 1.  Jeff Waterman; 2.  Dean McGee; 3.  Dustin Crear; 4.  Jerad Fuller; 5.  John Oliver Jr.; 6.  Brandon Banks; 7.  Kelly Buckallew; 8.  Levi Smith; 9.  Dugan Thye

Heat 2: 1.  Mitch Boles; 2.  Colby Springsteen; 3.  Jarrett Brown; 4.  Dakota Simmons; 5.  Craig Spegal; 6.  Bob Jennings; 7.  Bill Roberts Jr.; 8.  Logan Anderson


Donnellson Tire & Service IMCA Stock Cars

A-Feature: 1.  John Oliver Jr., Danville, IA; 2.  Jeremy Pundt, Donnellson, IA; 3.  Beau Taylor, Canton, MO; 4.  Jason Cook, Mt. Pleasant, IA; 5.  Chad Krogmeier, Burlington, IA; 6.  Brandon Jay, Columbus Junction, IA; 7.  Darin Thye, Burlington, IA; 8.  Kevin Koontz, Memphis, MO; 9.  Dean Kratzer, Ft. Madison, IA; 10. Eric Glass, Memphis, MO; 11.  Brandon Savage, Canton, MO (DNS)

Heat 1: 1.  John Oliver Jr.; 2.  Jeremy Pundt; 3.  Beau Taylor; 4.  Kevin Koontz; 5.  Darin Thye; 6.  Brandon Jay

Heat 2: 1.  Chad Krogmeier; 2.  Jason Cook; 3.  Dean Kratzer; 4.  Eric Glass; 5.  Brandon Savage (DNS)


Discount Tire & Service IMCA SportMods

A-Feature: 1.  Austen Becerra, Bowen, IL; 2.  Adam Birck, Canton, MO; 3.  Sean Wyett, Danville, IA; 4.  Brandyn Ryan, Coatsburg, IL; 5.  Daniel Fellows, Keokuk, IA; 6.  Bob Cowman, Quincy, IL; 7.  Ron Kibbe, Mt. Pleasant, IA; 8.  John Renier, Ursa, IL; 9.  Jim Powell, Hannibal, MO; 10. Darin Peters, Quincy, IL; 11. Jeffrey DeLonjay, Quincy, IL; 12. Jim Walker, Mystic, IA; 13. Tom Lathrop, Ottumwa, IA; 14. Kyle Hamelton, Keokuk, IA; 15. Austin Howes, Memphis, MO; 16. Brandon Dale, Arbela, MO; 17. Jace Morrow, Memphis, MO; 18. Andrew Swailes, Anisworth, IA; 19. Dakota Sapp, Ottumwa, IA; 20.  Colton Bowman, Burlington, IA (DNS)

Heat 1: 1.  Austen Becerra; 2.  Adam Birck; 3.  Brandyn Ryan; 4.  Ron Kibbe; 5.  Andrew Swailes; 6.  Tom Lathrop; 7.  Kyle Hamelton

Heat 2: 1.  Daniel Fellows; 2.  Brandon Dale; 3.  Sean Wyett; 4.  Darin Peters; 5.  Jim Walker; 6.  Colton Bowman; 7.  Dakota Sapp (DNS)

Heat 3: 1.  Austin Howes; 2.  Jeffrey DeLonjay; 3.  Bob Cowman; 4.  John Renier; 5.  Jim Powell; 6.  Jace Morrow


Armstrong Tractor IMCA Sport Compacts

A-Feature: 1.  Kimberly Abbott, Camp Point, IL; 2.  Barry Taft, Argyle, IA; 3.  Mike Reu, Donnellson, IA; 4.  Darin Smith, Wapello, IA; 5.  Brandon Reu, Donnellson, IA; 6.  David Prim, Hamelton, IL; 7.  William Michel, Burlington, IA; 8.  Kenny Smith, Donnellson, IA; 9.  Jared Heule, Keokuk, IA; 10.  Chuck Fullenkamp, West Point, IA (DNS)

Heat 1: 1.  Barry Taft; 2.  Brandon Reu; 3.  William Michel; 4.  Kenny Smith; 5.  Chuck Fullenkamp

Heat 2: 1.  Kimberly Abbott; 2.  Mike Reu; 3.  David Prim; 4.  Darin Smith; 5.  Jared Heule

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