Shiverfest Puts a Cap on the 2020 Season

by Brian Neal
Donnellson, IA (Saturday, October 31, 2020) – Midwest Performance & Power and Donnellson Tire & Service helped to present the 22nd Annual Shiverfest event at the Pepsi Lee County Speedway in Donnellson, Iowa on Saturday, October 31st. The strong brisk wind blowing from the south would help to keep temperatures in the 50’s most of the night. And when the final checkered flag of the season waved, three driver’s landed in victory lane for the first time this season at the track, while two others were no strangers to the winner’s circle.

One hundred forty-four cars signed in on the final night of racing for 2020, with 23 qualifying races being run to help determine the starting line ups for the five feature events. And once all those were completed it was time to bring the first feature to the track, which was the 20 lap Donnellson Tire & Service Stock Cars. Erick Knutsen and Jason Cook drew the front row, with Knutsen jumping out front to lead lap 1 over Todd Reitzler and Cook. The lead for Knutsen only lasted for 1 lap, as Reitzler got under him to take over the top spot on lap 2. Dustin Griffiths, who was working the top of the track, used the momentum off the top to take the lead away from Reitzler on lap 4. Dallon Murty, who started 7th, entered the battle for the lead on lap 6, and on lap 11 he slid past Griffiths to take over the top spot. While Murty paced the field out front, John Oliver Jr. and Griffiths battled for the runner up spot. And just when it looked like the feature would go green to checkered, disaster would strike the second and third place runners. Contact would send Oliver Jr. spinning in turn 2 on lap 16 to bring out the yellow. On the restart Murty moved back out front, with Eric Arneson and Reitzler following. With Arneson and Reitzler battling for the runner up spot, this allowed Murty to go on to claim his first win of the season at the track. Reitzler edged out Arneson at the line for 2nd, Cook was 4th, with Knutsen holding on for 5th.

The 15 lap Discount Tire & Services Sport Compact feature had troubles getting going, as three cautions in the first 4 laps slowed the action. But once it stayed green, Jason Ash paced the field out front. He would hold off Kimberly Abbott’s challenges earlier, before Chuck Fullenkamp moved in on lap 9 to challenge him. Ash would hold on to pick up his seventh win of the season at the Pepsi Lee County Speedway. Fullenkamp settled for 2nd, Cody Staley charged from his 13th place starting spot to finish 3rd, Craig Bangert finished 4th after starting in 9th, with Jeffrey DeLonjay charging from 23rd to come home in 5th.

Up next was the 20 lap Sonny’s Super Market Modified feature, with Daniel Fellows and Kory Meyer leading the field to green. Fellows took advantage of his draw to grab the lead on lap 1 over Ethan Braaksma and Meyer. The lead for Fellows lasted for 1 lap, as Braaksma slid past to take the top spot on lap 2. While Braaksma paced the field out front, Michael Long, who started 8th, was working his way towards the front. On lap 7 Long took over the runner up spot and then went to work on Braaksma for the lead. Lap traffic on lap 14 allowed Long to close in on Braaksma, and on lap 15 Long used the lap traffic to grab the top spot. Then just after the lap was scored complete the first and only caution of the race appeared, as fourth place running Josh Most spun in turn 3 to bring out the yellow. On the restart Long moved back out front, with Jeff Aikey over taking Braaksma for second. Long was too strong on this night, as he pulled away for his tenth win on the season at the track. Aikey was 2nd, Braaksma was 3rd, Kelly Shryock started 12th and finished 4th, with Mark Burgtorf rounding out the top 5.

Tyler Soppe and Austin Schrage drew the front row for the 20 lap Roberts Tire Center SportMod feature, with Soppe grabbing the lead on lap 1 over Schrage and Austin Paul. Paul, who was running the bottom of the track, used it to take the top spot from Soppe on lap 8. On lap 14 Paul would enter lapped traffic, which allowed Soppe to close in on him. But Soppe wasn’t able to mount a challenge on Paul over the final laps, as Paul held on in a caution free race to score his first win of the season at the Pepsi Lee County Speedway. Soppe settled for 2nd, Sean Wyett came from 8th to finish 3rd, Brayton Carter finished 4th, with Schrage holding on for 5th.

The final feature to take to the track was the 25 lap Shottenkirk Parts Express Late Models, with Gunner Frank and Darrel DeFrance leading the field to green. Frank used his starting spot to his advantage by grabbing the lead on lap 1 over Jeff Aikey and DeFrance. Aikey would slip past Frank on lap 2 to take over the top spot. And just after the lap was scored complete the first caution appeared for Frank Mason’s spin in turn 4. On the restart Aikey jumped back out front, with DeFrance slipping past Frank for the runner up spot. The second and final caution of the race slowed the action on lap 11, when Jill George slowed down the frontstretch from a blown right rear tire. Aikey once again grabbed the lead on the restart, with Tommy Elston over taking DeFrance for the second spot. Elston tried to keep pace with Aikey over the next 9 laps, when Aikey got into heavy lap traffic on lap 22. Elston was able to close within a couple of car lengths, but Aikey would hold on to claim his first Late Model win of the season at the track. Which was also worth $1,000. Elston settled for 2nd, DeFrance was 3rd, Matt Strassheim came from 8th to finish 4th, with Frank coming home in 5th.

With Shiverfest put into the books, that will bring an end to the 2020 racing season at the Pepsi Lee County Speedway. We would like to say THANK YOU to every fan, driver, their families and crews, track employees, and sponsors that supported us during this crazy season. We are already in the planning stages for the 2021 season, so stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for more information.

For more information about the Pepsi Lee County Speedway you can visit their website at, like them on Facebook, or call Brian Gaylord at 319-371-6744.

Pepsi Lee County Speedway, Donnellson, Iowa
Saturday, October 31, 2020 – Shiverfest presented by Midwest Performance & Power and Donnellson Tire & Service

Shottenkirk Parts Express Late Models

A-Feature: 1.  Jeff Aikey, Cedar Falls, IA; 2.  Tommy Elston, Keokuk, IA; 3.  Darrel Defrance, Marshalltown, IA; 4.  Matt Strassheim, Yarmouth, IA; 5.  Gunner Frank, Montrose, IA; 6.  Mark Burgtorf, Quincy, IL; 7.  Chuck Hanna, Port Byron, IL; 8.  Don Pataska, Miles, IA; 9.  Kelly Pestka, DeWitt, IA; 10. Joel Bennett, Hortonville, WI; 11. Todd Frank, Montrose, IA; 12. Ray Raker, Burlington, IA; 13. Larry Fitzsimmons, East Bethel, MN; 14. Brandon Queen, Keokuk, IA; 15. Eric Doran, Clinton, IL; 16. Frank Mason, Cedar Rapids, IA; 17. Jill George, Cedar Falls, IA; 18. Shane Watts, Burlington, IA; 19. CJ Horn, Cedar Rapids, IA

Heat 1: 1.  Tommy Elston; 2.  Jeff Aikey; 3.  Don Pataska; 4.  Ray Raker; 5.  CJ Horn; 6.  Shane Watts; 7.  Brandon Queen

Heat 2: 1.  Chuck Hanna; 2.  Matt Strassheim; 3.  Mark Burgtorf; 4.  Gunner Frank; 5.  Larry Fitzsimmons; 6.  Jill George

Heat 3: 1.  Todd Frank; 2.  Darrel Defrance; 3.  Kelly Pestka; 4.  Joel Bennett; 5.  Eric Doran; 6.  Frank Mason

Sonny’s Super Market Modifieds

A-Feature: 1.  Michael Long, Fowler, IL; 2.  Jeff Aikey, Cedar Falls, IA; 3.  Ethan Braaksma, Newton, IA; 4.  Kelly Shryock, Fertile, IA; 5.  Mark Burgtorf, Quincy, IL; 6.  Jarrett Brown, Ainsworth, IA; 7.  Dalton Simonsen, Fairfax, IA; 8.  Derrick Stewart, Ainsworth, IA; 9.  Kory Meyer, Dixon, IA; 10. Daniel Fellows, Keokuk, IA; 11. Jeff Waterman, LaGrange, MO; 12. Bruce Hanford, Davenport, IA; 13. Donavan Lodge, Andover, IL; 14. Jason Bahrs, Colona, IL; 15. Jaden Fryer, Freeport, IL; 16. Dennis LaVeine, West Burlington, IA; 17. Frankie Wellman, Quincy, IL; 18. Drew Janssen, Pella, IA; 19. Dan Brockert, Grandview, IA; 20. Ray Cox Jr., Maquoketa, IA; 21. Kelly Meyer, Big Rock, IA; 22. Travis Denning, Sterling, IL; 23. Josh Most, Red Oak, IA; 24. Derrick Carlson, Ashland, IL

B-Feature 1: (Top 2 to A) 1.  Donavan Lodge; 2.  Kelly Meyer; 3.  Mitch Boles, New London, IA; 4.  Levi Smith, Donnellson, IA; 5.  Jesse Belez, Marengo, IA; 6.  Tommy Belmer, Evansdale, IA; 7.  John Connolly, Dubuque, IA; 8.  Rob Jennings, Ames, IA; 9.  Charles Baker, Labelle, MO

B-Feature 2: 1.  Drew Janssen; 2.  Derrick Carlson; 3.  Dennis Betzer, Central City, IA; 4.  Dakota Simmons, Douds, IA; 5.  Fischer Reese, Baring, MO; 6.  Cody Bowman, Mt. Pleasant, IA; 7.  Derek Thompson, Monroe, WI; 8.  Tyler Wirtjes. Grafton, IA; 9.  Blake Roberts, Burlington, IA

Heat 1: (Top 4 to A) 1.  Jeff Aikey; 2.  Mark Burgtorf; 3.  Jarrett Brown; 4.  Jaden Fryer; 5.  Levi Smith; 6.  Cody Bowman; 7.  Kelly Meyer; 8.  Drew Janssen

Heat 2: 1.  Travis Denning; 2.  Jeff Waterman; 3.  Kelly Shryock; 4.  Dalton Simonsen; 5.  Derrick Carlson; 6.  Mitch Boles; 7.  Fischer Reese; 8.  Charles Baker

Heat 3: 1.  Michael Long; 2.  Josh Most; 3.  Dennis LaVeine; 4.  Bruce Hanford; 5.  Donavan Lodge; 6.  Derek Thompson; 7.  John Connolly; 8.  Blake Roberts

Heat 4: 1.  Kory Meyer; 2.  Daniel Fellows; 3.  Dan Brockert; 4.  Frankie Wellman; 5.  Dakota Simmons; 6.  Tommy Belmer; 7.  Tyler Wirtjes

Heat 5: 1.  Ethan Braaksma; 2.  Jason Bahrs; 3.  Ray Cox Jr.; 4.  Derrick Stewart; 5.  Jesse Belez; 6.  Dennis Betzer; 7.  Rob Jennings

Donnellson Tire & Service Stock Cars

A-Feature: 1.  Dallon Murty, Chelsea, IA; 2.  Todd Reitzler, Grinnell, IA; 3.  Eric Arneson, Oconto Falls, WI; 4.  Jason Cook, Mt. Pleasant, IA; 5.  Erick Knutsen, Cedar Rapids, IA; 6.  Shawn Ritter, Keystone, IA; 7.  Chris Wibbell, Dallas City, IL; 8.  Chad Krogmeier, Burlington, IA; 9.  Tom Schmidt, Independence, IA; 10. Eric Knuston, Slater, IA; 11. Curtis Kline, South Amana, IA; 12. Jerry Jansen, Plainville, IL; 13. Dan Mackenthun, Hamburg, MN; 14. Duayne Herb, Hiawatha, IA; 15. Kyle Boyd, Ottumwa, IA; 16. Patrick Phillips, Macomb, IL; 17. Hannah Chesmore, Rowley, IA; 18. Tyler Moore, Lockridge, IA; 19. BJ Thompson, Colchester, IL; 20. Pete Stodgel, Fowler, IL; 21. Howard Gordon, Oskaloosa, IA; 22. John Oliver Jr., Danville, IA; 23. Dustin Griffiths, Hedrick, IA

Heat 1: 1.  Jason Cook; 2.  Dustin Griffiths; 3.  John Oliver Jr.; 4.  Eric Knuston; 5.  Tyler Moore; 6.  Duayne Herb; 7.  Hannah Chesmore; 8.  Tom Schmidt

Heat 2: 1.  Todd Reitzler; 2.  Dallon Murty; 3.  Erick Knutsen; 4.  Jerry Jansen; 5.  Patrick Phillips; 6.  Shawn Ritter; 7.  Dan Mackenthun; 8.  Howard Gordon

Heat 3: 1.  Eric Arneson; 2.  Kyle Boyd; 3.  Chad Krogmeier; 4.  Chris Wibbell; 5.  Curtis Kline; 6.  BJ Thompson; 7.  Pete Stodgel

Roberts Tire Center SportMods

A-Feature: 1.  Austin Paul, Monroe, IA; 2.  Tyler Soppe, Sherrill, IA; 3.  Sean Wyett, Danville, IA; 4.  Brayton Carter, Oskaloosa, IA; 5.  Austin Schrage, Cresco, IA; 6.  Austen Becerra, Bowen, IL; 7.  Tyler Heckart, Ottumwa, IA; 8.  Dylan Van Wyk, Oskaloosa, IA; 9.  Brian Schrage, Cresco, IA; 10. Justin Becker, Cascade, IA; 11. Hayden Hillgartner, Harlan, IA; 12. Kevin Goben, Sherrard, IL; 13. Brandon Dale, Arbela, MO; 14. Logan Anderson, Eddyville, IA; 15. Dennis LaVeine, West Burlington, IA; 16. Chris Burke, Altoona, IA; 17. Barry Taft, Argyle, IA; 18. Torey Fischer, West Fargo, ND; 19. David Engelkens, Morrison, IL; 20. Nathan Lynch, Hillsboro, IL; 21. Tom Lathrop, Ottumwa, IA; 22. Tony Johnson, Oskaloosa, IA; 23. Dakota Girard, Moberly, MO; 24. Mike Garland, Morrison, IL; 25. Colton Livezey, New Sharon, IA

B-Feature 1: (Top 2 to A) 1.  Barry Taft; 2.  Nathan Lynch; 3.  Brandon Lambert, Carthage, IL; 4.  Chance Titus, Baxter, IA; 5.  Dakota Anderson, Basco, IL; 6.  Brandon Symmonds, Keokuk, IA; 7.  Tom Ruble, Ft. Madison, IA; 8.  Richard Hurlbut, Lone Tree, IA; 9.  Ryan Moore, Kahoka, MO; 10. Mike Heister, Andrew, IA

B-Feature 2: 1.  Dylan Van Wyk; 2.  Tony Johnson; 3.  Torey Fischer; 4.  Nicholas Profeta, Keokuk, IA; 5.  Michael Parcel, Bondurant, IA; 6.  Rayce Mullen, Pearl City, IL; 7.  Colton Bowman, Burlington, IA; 8.  Marshall Cramer, Greentop, MO; 9.  Matt Tucker, Lomax, IL

Heat 1: (Top 4 to A) 1.  Brayton Carter; 2.  Brandon Dale; 3.  Chris Burke; 4.  Tyler Heckart; 5.  Dakota Anderson; 6.  Dylan Van Wyk; 7.  Tom Ruble; 8.  Rayce Mullen

Heat 2: 1.  Austin Schrage; 2.  Brian Schrage; 3.  Justin Becker; 4.  David Engelkens; 5.  Tony Johnson; 6.  Brandon Symmonds; 7.  Colton Bowman; 8.  Chance Titus

Heat 3: 1.  Sean Wyett; 2.  Dennis LaVeine; 3.  Logan Anderson; 4.  Mike Garland; 5.  Barry Taft; 6.  Nicholas Profeta; 7.  Ryan Moore; 8.  Marshall Cramer

Heat 4: 1.  Austin Paul; 2.  Hayden Hillgartner; 3.  Kevin Goben; 4.  Dakota Girard; 5.  Michael Parcel; 6.  Brandon Lambert; 7.  Matt Tucker; 8.  Richard Hurlbut

Heat 5: 1.  Tyler Soppe; 2.  Austen Becerra; 3.  Colton Livezey; 4.  Tom Lathrop; 5.  Mike Heister; 6.  Torey Fischer; 7.  Nathan Lynch

Discount Tire & Services Sport Compacts

A-Feature: 1.  Jason Ash, Burlington, IA; 2.  Chuck Fullenkamp, West Point, IA; 3.  Cody Staley, Muscatine, IA; 4.  Craig Bangert, Golden, IL; 5.  Jeffrey DeLonjay, Quincy, IL; 6.  Kimberly Abbott, Camp Point, IL; 7.  Jay Crabill, Cedar Rapids, IA; 8.  Christian Grady, Cedar Rapids, IA; 9.  Jake Dietrich, Keokuk, IA; 10. William Michel, Columbus Junction, IA; 11. Darin Weisinger Jr., Mendon, IL; 12. Barry Taft, Argyle, IA; 13. David Prim, Hamelton, IL; 14. Chevy Barnes, Keokuk, IA; 15. Timmy Schnathorst, Burlington, IA; 16. Ashton Blain, Burlington, IA; 17. Austin Nelan, East Moline, IL; 18. Brandon Pickney, Ottumwa, IA; 19. Garrett Porter, Libertyville, IA; 20. Wayne Noble, Wapello, IA; 21. Darin Smith, Wapello, IA; 22. TJ Weyls, Burlington, IA; 23. Jared Heule, Keokuk, IA; 24. Kaycee McGregor, Ft. Madison, IA; 25. Luke Fraise, Houghton, IA; 26. Brandon Schneider, Mechanicsville, IA

Heat 1: 1.  Jason Ash; 2.  Craig Bangert; 3.  Chevy Barnes; 4.  Kaycee McGregor; 5.  Cody Staley; 6.  Timmy Schnathorst; 7.  Darin Weisinger Jr.; 8.  David Prim; 9.  Wayne Noble

Heat 2: 1.  Christian Grady; 2.  Kimberly Abbott; 3.  Jake Dietrich; 4.  Austin Nelan; 5.  Jay Crabill; 6.  Luke Fraise; 7.  TJ Weyls; 8.  Jeffrey DeLonjay

Heat 3: 1.  Jared Heule; 2.  Chuck Fullenkamp; 3.  Darin Smith; 4.  William Michel; 5.  Ashton Blain; 6.  Brandon Pickney; 7.  Barry Taft; 8.  Brandon Schneider; 9.  Garrett Porter

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