Horn, Thornton, Larson, VanWyk, Dutlinger, Cook, and Tipps Close Out the 2021 Season With Wins

by Brian Neal
Donnellson, IA (Saturday, November 20, 2021) – Usually the annual Shiverfest event, which caps off the racing season at the Lee County Speedway each year, is held the last weekend of October. But when rain and very cold temperatures forced the event to be cancelled, promoter’s Brian and Marcie Gaylord decided to reschedule the event to late November. And mother nature would provide a sunny day, with temperature in the mid 50’s.

One hundred and twenty-three driver’s representing six states signed in for competition on the day. And after seventeen qualifying events, it was time to go feature racing. When the final checkered flag fell on the night all seven winner’s were new on the season at the track, with one of them earning his first career feature win.

The first feature to take to the track was the 12 lap A.I.R.S. (American Iron Racing Series), with Brian Gade and Dan Thompson leading the field to green. But it was third place starter Bruce Yoerger who jumped out into the lead on lap 1 over Gade and Scott Vanbuskirk. While Yoerger paced the field out front, Ron Cook, who started 6th, and Doak Allen, who started 8th, were working their way towards the front. But Allen’s run towards the front came to an end on lap 5, as he slowed in turn 4 with a flat tire to bring out the caution. On the restart Yoerger jumped back out front, with Cook and Vanbuskirk close behind. The action up front was slowed one final time, as Allen stopped in turn 2 on lap 8 to bring out his second caution of the race. Yoerger once again grabbed the lead on the restart, with Cook and Vanbuskirk glued to his bumper. Coming to the white flag Cook was able to get the top spot away from Yoerger, as Vanbuskirk cleared Yoerger for the runner up spot coming off turn 2. Cook then had to hold off a last corner challenge from Vanbuskirk to pick up his first win at the track. Bart Miller came from 7th to finish 3rd, Yoerger held on for 4th, with Gade coming home in 5th.

Up next was the 20 lap Sonny’s Super Market Modified feature, with Jeff Aikey and Austen Becerra drawing the front row. The Modifieds would struggle to get the first 9 laps completed, as six cautions appeared before the event was brought to a halt for medical assistance in the pits. After an hour delay to transport the person to a local hospital the Modified feature went back to green. Dylan Thornton, who grabbed the lead from Aikey just before the red flag stoppage, jumped back out front over Aikey and Dakota Simmons. Aikey drove under Thornton going into turn 3 and then drifted high off turn 4 to edge out the top spot on lap 12. While Aikey worked to the top of the track, Thornton worked the bottom, as the two raced side-by-side around the 3/8th’s mile track. Coming to the white flag Thornton was able to edge out Aikey at the line to take back the lead. Thornton then held off a last lap challenge from Aikey to score his first ever win at the track in his first visit. Becerra overtook Simmons late to finish 3rd, with Dustin Smith completing the top 5.

Jaden DeLonjay and Austin Nelan led the field to the drop of the green flag in the 15 lap AVIS Car Rental Sport Compact feature. But it was third place starter Chuck Fullenkamp who grabbed the lead on lap 1 over DeLonjay and Nelan. Just after lap 1 was scored complete, Keegan Russell and Bobby Chilton collided in turn 4 to bring out the yellow. On the restart Chandler Fullenkamp spun in turn 1 to bring the yellow light back on. The following restart saw Chuck Fullenkamp jump back out front, with Nelan and DeLonjay swapping the runner up spot. While the field battled for positions, Chuck Fullenkamp would start to pull away. Disaster would strike Chuck Fullenkamp on lap 13, as several lapped cars in front of him got together down the frontstretch and collected him to bring out the yellow. This would hand the lead over to Jimmy Dutlinger, who started 7th, on the restart. Dutlinger would hold off DeLonjay and Jay Mariuzza over the final laps to claim his first win at the track. Cyle Hawkins finished 4th after starting in 8th, with Nelan holding on for a 5th place finish.

The 20 lap Iowa Corn Growers Association Late Model feature was up next, with CJ Horn and Andy Nezworski making up the front row. Horn took advantage of his starting spot to move out into the lead on lap 1 over Nezworski and Jeff Larson. While Nezworski and Larson battled side-by-side for the runner up spot, Horn started to pull away from the field. Without a caution to bunch the field up, Horn would pull away to earn his first career Late Model win which was worth $1,000. Nezworski won the battle for 2nd, Larson was 3rd, Tommy Elston was 4th, with Darrel DeFrance rounding out the top 5.

Randy Tedrow and Tim Wagner led the 12 lap Truck feature to green. But it was third place starter Tucker Richardson who grabbed the lead on lap 1 over Brian Tipps and Wagner. The lead for Richardson only lasted for one lap, as Tipps got under him to take over the top spot on lap 2. Tipps then held off Wagner and Richardson over the final laps of the race to pick up his first win of the season at the track. Jacob Ruble and Tedrow rounded out the top five.

Up next was the 20 lap Donnellson Tire & Service Stock Car feature, with Ray Raker and Ethan Braaksma drawing the front row. Raker took advantage of his draw to jump out into the lead on lap 1, over Braaksma and Trenton Witt.  While Raker worked to hold back the field, Jeff Larson, who started 8th, went to the top of the track to work his way towards the front. The action was slowed on lap 8 when contact sent Witt spinning in turn 4 to bring out the yellow. On the restart Larson used the momentum off the top of turn 4 to edge Raker at the line to take over the top spot. Then just after the lap was scored complete Leremy Jackson spun in turn 4 to bring out the yellow. Larson jumped back out front on the restart, with Nathan Ballard overtaking Raker for the runner up spot. A couple more laps were scored complete when Cody Hillgartner spun in turn 4 to bring out a yellow. Once again Larson grabbed the lead on the restart, with Raker taking back the runner up spot from Ballard. The final caution of the race appeared on lap 15, when Chad Krogmeier spun in turn 1 to bring out the yellow. Larson jumped back out front on the restart, with Ballard grabbing second from Raker. Ballard tried to work under Larson over the final laps. But Larson was able to hold him off to score his first win at the Lee County Speedway. Raker was 3rd, Andrew Schroeder came from 10th to finish 4th, with Jason See coming home in 5th.

The final feature to take to the track was the 18 lap Roberts Tire Center SportMods, with Tom Lathrop and Sean Wyett drawing the front row. Wyett used his draw to his advantage by moving out into the lead on lap 1 over Dylan VanWyk and Tanner Klingele. While Wyett worked the bottom of the track, VanWyk used the top of the track to challenge Wyett for the lead. VanWyk would use the momentum off the top of turn 4 to take the top spot away from Wyett on lap 7. While VanWyk set the pace out front, Wyett, Austen Becerra, who started 8th, Logan Anderson, who started 9th, and Klingele battled for the runner up spot. Despite heavy lapped traffic, VanWyk was able to pull away to claim his first win of the season at the track in a caution free event. Becerra would win the battle for 2nd, Anderson was 3rd, Wyett was 4th, with Klingele rounding out the top 5.

To stay up to date on more information about the 2022 season at the Lee County Speedway, visit their website at www.leecountyspeedway.com, like them on Facebook, or call Brian Gaylord at 319-371-6744.

Lee County Speedway, Donnellson, Iowa
Saturday, November 20, 2021 – Casey’s and Midwest Performance & Power Shiverfest

Iowa Corn Growers Association Late Models

 1. 01-CJ Horn, Cedar Rapids, IA; 2. 7-Andy Nezworski, Blue Grass, IA; 3. 99-Jeff Larson, Freeport, IL; 4. 54-Tommy Elston, Keokuk, IA; 5. 99D-Darrel DeFrance, Marshalltown, IA; 6. 10T-Jeff Tharp, Sherrill, IA; 7. 77-Jeff Aikey, Cedar Falls, IA; 8. 15R-Jeff Guengerich, Washington, IA; 9. 35-Sean Johnson, Independence, IA; 10. 07-Ray Raker, Danville, IA; 11. 15X-Jeremy Pundt, Donnellson, IA; 12. 7C-Spencer Coats, LaGrange, MO; 13. 25-Austin Townsend, Bloomfield, IA

Heat 1: 
1. 99-Jeff Larson; 2. 10T-Jeff Tharp; 3. 01-CJ Horn; 4. 77-Jeff Aikey; 5. 35-Sean Johnson; 6. 07-Ray Raker; 7. 25-Austin Townsend

Heat 2: 
1. 54-Tommy Elston; 2. 7-Andy Nezworski; 3. 99D-Darrel DeFrance; 4. 15R-Jeff Guengerich; 5. 15X-Jeremy Pundt; 6. 7C-Spencer Coats

Sonny’s Super Market Modifieds

 1. 38T-Dylan Thornton, Santa Maria, CA; 2. 77-Jeff Aikey, Cedar Falls, IA; 3. 22-Austen Becerra, Carthage, IL; 4. 40-Dakota Simmons, Douds, IA; 5. 3-Dustin Smith, Eldridge, IA; 6. 03B-Mark Burgtorf, Quincy, IL; 7. 43-Jeremiah Hurst, Dubuque, IA; 8. 2Z-Zack Rawlins, Kellogg, IA; 9. 71W-Jeff Waterman, LaGrange, MO; 10. 33F-Jardin Fuller, Memphis, MO; 11. 4B-Mitch Boles, New London, IA; 12. 43B-Tommy Belmer, Evansdale, IA; 13. K1-Cody Bowman, Mt. Pleasant, IA; 14. 01-John Campbell, Dubuque, IA; 15. 2-Franky Manso, Milan, IL; 16. 5R-Bill Roberts Jr., Burlington, IA; 17. 99-Charlie Mohr, Bettendorf, IA; 18. 27-Dave Wietholder, Liberty, IL; 19. 21A-Kelly Meyer, Big Rock, IA; 20. 26J-Jadin Fuller, Memphis, MO; 21. 86-Jeremy Gustaf, East Moline, IL (DNS)

Heat 1: 
1. 38T-Dylan Thornton; 2. 2Z-Zack Rawlins; 3. 71W-Jeff Waterman; 4. 99-Charlie Mohr; 5. 21A-Kelly Meyer; 6. 86-Jeremy Gustaf; 7. 26J-Jadin Fuller

Heat 2: 
1. 40-Dakota Simmons; 2. 43-Jeremiah Hurst; 3. 5R-Bill Roberts Jr.; 4. 4B-Mitch Boles; 5. 43B-Tommy Belmer; 6. 01-John Campbell; 7. 33F-Jardin Fuller

Heat 3: 1. 22-Austen Becerra; 2. 3-Dustin Smith; 3. 77-Jeff Aikey; 4. 03B-Mark Burgtorf; 5. 27-Dave Wietholder; 6. 2-Franky Manso; 7. K1-Cody Bowman

Donnellson Tire & Service Stock Cars

 1. 7L-Jeff Larson, Lakefield, MN; 2. 29-Nathan Ballard, Marengo, IA; 3. 07-Ray Raker, Danville, IA; 4. 57-Andrew Schroeder, Keswick, IA; 5. 79S-Jason See, Albia, IA; 6. 37-Ethan Braaksma, Newton, IA; 7. 06-Jerry Jansen, Plainville, IL; 8. 21M-Kirk Kinsley, Wapello, IA; 9. IB25-Shane Richardson, Wapello, IA; 10. 33-Trenton Witt, Oskaloosa, IA; 11. 409-Howard Gordon Jr., Oskaloosa, IA; 12. 81-Leremy Jackson, Unionville, IA; 13. 2-Cody Hillgartner, Harlan, IA; 14. 82-Pete Stodgel, Fowler, IL; 15. 05-Chad Krogmeier, Burlington, IA; 16. 3D-Jason Cook, Mt. Pleasant, IA; 17. 4PP-William Post, Des Moines, IA (DNS)

Heat 1: 
1. 7L-Jeff Larson; 2. 29-Nathan Ballard; 3. 37-Ethan Braaksma; 4. 33-Trenton Witt; 5. 07-Ray Raker; 6. 82-Pete Stodgel; 7. 4PP-William Post; 8. 81-Leremy Jackson; 9. 06-Jerry Jansen

Heat 2: 
1. 3D-Jason Cook; 2. 21M-Kirk Kinsley; 3. 79S-Jason See; 4. 57-Andrew Schroeder; 5. 05-Chad Krogmeier; 6. 409-Howard Gordon Jr.; 7. 2-Cody Hillgartner; 8. IB25-Shane Richardson

Roberts Tire Center SportMods

 1. 117-Dylan VanWyk, Oskaloosa, IA; 2. 22-Austen Becerra, Carthage, IL; 3. 53-Logan Anderson, Eddyville, IA; 4. 12S-Sean Wyett, Danville, IA; 5. 73X-Tanner Klingele, Quincy, IL; 6. 8C-Logan Cumby, Quincy, IL; 7. T23-Tony Olson, Cedar Rapids, IA; 8. 5-Hayden Hillgartner, Harlan, IA; 9. 14L-Brandon Lambert, Carthage, IL; 10. 65-David Engelkens, Morrison, IL; 11. 2JR-Jesse Bodin, Silvis, IL; 12. 88K-Kole Quam, Waterloo, IA; 13. 00-Matt Tucker, Lomax, IL; 14. 8T-Tony Johnson, Oskaloosa, IA; 15. 14K-Shane Kelley, Hopedale, IL; 16. 29M-Ryan Mech, Greenfield, WI; 17. 7R-Tom Ruble, Ft. Madison, IA; 18. X14-Randy Farrell, East Moline, IL; 19. 15?-Michael Bear, Lone Tree, IA; 20. 8-Tom Lathrop, Ottumwa, IA; 21. B21-Brandon Tharp, Vinton, IA; 22. 21U-Chuck Underwood, Burlington, IA; 23. 86-James Roose, Columbus Junction, IA (DNS); 24. 2-Seth Meinders, Ottumwa, IA (DNS); 25. 3T-Tyler Soppe, Sherrill, IA (DNS); 26. 59A-Jamie Aleshire, Moberly, MO (DNS)

Heat 1: 1. 117-Dylan VanWyk; 2. 73X-Tanner Klingele; 3. T23-Tony Olson; 4. 5-Hayden Hillgartner; 5. 8T-Tony Johnson; 6. 21U-Chuck Underwood; 7. 15?-Michael Bear; 8. 2-Seth Meinders; 9. 3T-Tyler Soppe

Heat 2: 
1. 22-Austen Becerra; 2. 53-Logan Anderson; 3. 12S-Sean Wyett; 4. 8C-Logan Cumby; 5. 14L-Brandon Lambert; 6. 00-Matt Tucker; 7. 7R-Tom Ruble; 8. 14K-Shane Kelley; 9. 59A-Jamie Aleshire

Heat 3: 
1. 88K-Kole Quam; 2. B21-Brandon Tharp; 3. 2JR-Jesse Bodin; 4. 8-Tom Lathrop; 5. 65-David Engelkens; 6. 86-James Roose; 7. 29M-Ryan Mech; 8. X14-Randy Farrell

AVIS Car Rental Sport Compacts

 1. 00J-Jimmy Dutlinger, Peoria, IL; 2. 3D-Jaden DeLonjay, Quincy, IL; 3. 5-Jay Mariuzza, Pekin, IL; 4. 89-Cyle Hawkins, Blue Grass, IA; 5. 14A-Austin Nelan, Coal Valley, IL; 6. 2-Barry Taft, Argyle, IA; 7. 94X-Justin Stevenson, Burlington, IA; 8. 24-Korey Lana, Center Point, IA; 9. 01B-Brett Holman, Gower, MO; 10. 24A-Ashton Blain, Burlington, IA; 11. 48C-Chandler Fullenkamp, West Point, IA; 12. 63-Tim Schnathorst, Burlington, IA; 13. 87C-Jay Crabill[10]; 14. 11-Trevor Hayes, Des Moines, IA; 15. 96B-Bobby Chilton, Salsbury, MO; 16. 55-Keegan Russell, Creston, IA; 17. 91-Bobby Douglas, Bowen, IL; 18. 14-David McClain, Creston, IA; 19. 48-Chuck Fullenkamp, West Point, IA; 20. 3XW-Jeromy Robb, Grimes, IA; 21. 57-Josh Clark, Columbia, MO; 22. 98-Elijah Hoyt, Creston, IA; 23. 31-Brad Mick, Plattsburg, MO; 24. 3JH-Jason Ash, Burlington, IA

B-Feature: (Top 6 to A) 1. 48C-Chandler Fullenkamp; 2. 91-Bobby Douglas; 3. 24A-Ashton Blain; 4. 11-Trevor Hayes; 5. 96B-Bobby Chilton; 6. 3XW-Jeromy Robb; 7. 69M-Jeremy Wheeler, Vinton, IA; 8. 83-Chad Johnson, Canton, IL; 9. 1-Brad Alshire, Moberly, MO; 10. 77-Jim Hamilton, Keokuk, IA; 11. 62-Anthony Kysar, Mexico, MO; 12. X=4JR-Chris Cline, Weston, MO; 13. 13B-Josh Barnes, Keokuk, IA (DNS)

Heat 1: (Top 6 to A) 1. 00J-Jimmy Dutlinger; 2. 5-Jay Mariuzza; 3. 57-Josh Clark; 4. 14-David McClain; 5. 01B-Brett Holman; 6. 55-Keegan Russell; 7. 96B-Bobby Chilton; 8. 91-Bobby Douglas; 9. X=4JR-Chris Cline; 10. 69M-Jeremy Wheeler

Heat 2: 
1. 3JH-Jason Ash; 2. 2-Barry Taft; 3. 63-Tim Schnathorst; 4. 89-Cyle Hawkins; 5. 24-Korey Lana; 6. 98-Elijah Hoyt; 7. 48C-Chandler Fullenkamp; 8. 11-Trevor Hayes; 9. 1-Brad Alshire; 10. 77-Jim Hamilton

Heat 3: 
1. 48-Chuck Fullenkamp; 2. 14A-Austin Nelan; 3. 3D-Jaden DeLonjay; 4. 87C-Jay Crabill; 5. 31-Brad Mick; 6. 94X-Justin Stevenson; 7. 24A-Ashton Blain; 8. 3XW-Jeromy Robb; 9. 62-Anthony Kysar; 10. 83-Chad Johnson; 11. 13B-Josh Barnes

A.I.R.S. (American Iron Racing Series)

1. 17SR-Ron Cook, Clinton, IA; 2. 25-Scott Vanbuskirk, Batavia, IA; 3. 501-Bart Miller, Clarence, IA; 4. 42-Bruce Yoerger, DeWitt, IA; 5. 5-Brian Gade, Clarence, IA; 6. 15-Robin Atkins, Clarence, IA; 7. 01-Doak Allen, West Burlington, IA; 8. 0-Dan Thompson, Cedar Rapids, IA; 9. 43-Craig Gonnerman, Iowa Falls, IA (DNS); 10. 18-Jeff Hollenbeck, Muscatine, IA

Heat 1: 
1. 25-Scott Vanbuskirk; 2. 501-Bart Miller; 3. 17SR-Ron Cook; 4. 01-Doak Allen; 5. 43-Craig Gonnerman

Heat 2: 
1. 42-Bruce Yoerger; 2. 0-Dan Thompson; 3. 5-Brian Gade; 4. 15-Robin Atkins; 5. 18-Jeff Hollenbeck


 1. 20-Brian Tipps, Wapello, IA; 2. 95-Tim Wagner, Wapello, IA; 3. 28-Tucker Richardson, Morning Sun, IA; 4. 82JR-Jacob Ruble, Mt. Pleasant, IA; 5. 7-Randy Tedrow, Douds, IA

Heat: 1. 20-Brian Tipps; 2. 28-Tucker Richardson; 3. 95-Tim Wagner; 4. 7-Randy Tedrow; 5. 82JR-Jacob Ruble

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